My name is Ryan Branham and I am a current student at the University of Denver’s, Daniels College of Business, completing my Master of Science in Marketing. Soon after graduating from the University of Utah, I entered the job market in the sports and entertainment industry, putting my degree emphasis in Sport Management, to good use.

My work experience includes; Marketing Assistant with the University of Utah Athletic Marketing Department, In-Event Sponsorships, Promotion and Production with the University of Denver Athletic Department, Marketing Assistant with the Denver Broncos Football Club, and Retail Marketing Manager with Cabela’s.

Soon after entering the workforce, it became clear that I would benefit greatly from receiving an advanced degree in order to reach my career goals. As I was deciding between a MS in Marketing or an MBA, it became clear that I would like to become even more specialized in an area I enjoyed. Most people assume that marketing is a simple idea of selling goods or services, when in fact; it is much more complex than that. Marketing is a diverse set of disciplines that encompasses the likes of product design, distribution, event and sponsorship fulfillment, statistics, sociology, and much more.

Sure, an MBA can offer a specialization in marketing, but it does not go into the level of specialization that a MS Marketing track does. For me, the main reason to come back to school was to further deepen my knowledge in marketing and increase my potential job opportunities and advancement as an expert in that field. The idea of immersing myself in marketing versus taking only two or three marketing courses in the MBA program, was an easy choice for myself. This claim was also backed by two of my mentors in the field of business. Not that an MBA is a bad option, but my mentors preferred to hire graduates of specialized degrees due to the depth of knowledge one receives.

My biggest advice is to research which career path you feel you would do well in and want to pursue. Both options are great choices and with the competition and constant evolving business landscape, an advanced degree should be highly considered.

Ryan Branham is an MS Marketing Candidate and a Graduate Student Ambassador at Daniels.