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The key to being successful in the world of business is learning how to roll with the changes that come. Having a solid educational foundation is essential for success in business. The Denver MBA, offered by the Daniels College of Business, is one of the most comprehensive and innovative educational programs out there. Getting your MBA using the Daniels Method means that you will have a challenge-driven education honed in real-world environments. We recently sat down with the Ali Boyd, Business Leadership Coach at The Denver MBA to find out more about the style of coaching used and why this program has been added to this world renowned MBA program.


Identifying Your Strengths and Capitalizing On Them

The main goal of a business leadership coach is to find out what your strengths are and then help you to utilize them. Boyd says, “Coaching helps people to see themselves more clearly. See patterns of behavior. Identify blind spots to help them grow and be more effective in whatever they want to do.” Often times, business executives get hung up on the things they can’t do rather than taking advantage of their strengths. The Denver MBA program uses a market-based approach when teaching students about the world of business.

This approach presents students with real-world issues and gives them the opportunity to solve them in their own unique way. With this market-based approach, you will be able to figure out more about your style of problem-solving. Identifying the strengths you have early on will only serve to benefit you as you begin your ascent up the corporate ladder. Boyd and the cohort of coaches working at The Denver MBA will work with you to increase your self-awareness. By building this type of awareness, you will be able to see things more clearly and make decisions regarding business with ease.

Discovering Goals and Making Plans to Achieve Them

Without detailed goals, it will be hard for you to get ahead in the world of business. A business coach will help you to identify goals for both your personal and professional life. Having a goal compass to follow is a great way to stay the course and achieve results in the process. Most employers are looking for a market savvy and awareness when hiring new executives.

Luckily, The Denver MBA teaches you how to be goal oriented and what you need to do to meet and exceed those goals. Boyd states that  “I specialize with people who are in transition of some kind. Most of my clients are people at very high, senior levels who need help with the next level of their career.”  It is this type of experience that allows Boyd to competently coach MBA students and allow them to reach their full potential. Not only will you get individualized coaching at The Denver MBA, you will also receive coaching from a team and group perspective.  Getting to see yourself through others eyes is fundamental when trying to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Becoming a Leader Your Employees Want to Follow

Being the manager of a workforce is a big responsibility. In order to be successful as an executive and leader, you will have to keep your employees motivated and confident in your abilities. Gaining confidence as a leader can be made a lot easier when seeking out the help of a business coach. Earning your MBA in a program that promotes free-thinking and creativity is a great way to increase the confidence you have as a leader.

The Denver MBA program uses a challenge-based environment to teach students about solving issues in both domestic and international market. Each of the students in this program will be able to use their own methods to solve these problems while getting a feel for the competition that exists in the world of business. The distinctive tools you are given in this program will allow you to excel in your chosen industry and will make being coached much easier.

Ali Boyd created the Executive Coach program specifically for The Denver MBA. She said, “I knew they had a need and know firsthand the impact coaching has on young people’s growth and development. Coaching work is highly individualized – coaches meet people where they’re at.” It is this individualized attention that makes this program unique.