Why do most people decide to go to college? In addition to the pursuit of knowledge, most adults seek higher education for the necessary credentials to ensure gainful employment. It might seem like your career is a long way off, but the reality is that the future is closer than you think–whether you are just starting out as an undergrad or a second year graduate student–your career has already begun!

During your time in school you are not only cultivating the knowledge you will need for the future, but you are also learning valuable soft skills to help ensure your success in the future.

  • Your professors might be a great resource for letters of recommendation.
  • Your fellow classmates are an important network that can be helpful in securing a position.
  • The workshops you attend will teach you key skills to help you with your resume, interviews and even negotiating future offers.
  • Even your daily activities like balancing coursework teach you time management skills that are essential for your career.

Your Daniels experience is a critical stepping stone to your next big move.

The best way to help secure your future success is to start planning now. Develop a road map to your career by meeting with your career advisor and help create a tailored plan to meet your needs. Schedule an appointment today»