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biznotes-onedayThe University of Denver and the Daniels College of Business are without question made stronger by the involvement and support of their many stakeholders—from students to alumni, from corporate partners to parents, from faculty to friends. Without that support, DU would not be able to fulfill its vision to be a great private university dedicated to the public good.

This month, the University dedicated One Day for DU—an incredible day of philanthropy in which DU challenged all Pioneers and community members to come together to reach 1,000 donors within 24 hours. While the goal of this campaign was to secure financial support to bolster DU’s future, there are so many other reasons that giving matters:

Giving encourages future students—Alumni who received scholarships when they were students often choose to give back by investing in today’s students. With the cost of college ever increasing, private scholarships are more critical than ever before.

Support improves the value of a DU degree—Institutions like U.S. News & World Report and Bloomberg Businessweek factor alumni giving into their ranking methodology. Even more important, giving enables DU to fund scholarships, faculty research, innovative teaching methods and more. These things all allow the University to offer an exceptional student experience, which in turn increases the worth of a diploma from the University of Denver.

Giving back shows gratitude—For students who appreciated their college experience, giving back, no matter the amount, is a wonderful way to express appreciation for the transformative experience that was DU. This pay-it-forward mentality is critical to the future livelihood of the University.

A supportive community is an engaged community—There are so many ways to bring the DU community together for a mutual exchange of ideas. Student competitions, speaker series, outreach activities and events are just a few of the engagement opportunities available to DU community members. Donations make these things possible—and bolster the DU community and the Daniels Pioneer Network.

One Day for DU was a great success, with almost 1,700 students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends showing their support. The University raised over $130,000 for scholarships, academic programs and emerging opportunities University wide—such as the Pioneer Leadership Program, DU Athletics, Club Sports, Project X-ITE and more.

The support of the DU community is essential for our continued momentum, and we’re so grateful for the many individuals who joined us on One Day for DU. Learn more about some of our own efforts at the Daniels College of Business to build lifelong relationships with our alumni as well as the numerous ways that Daniels is committed to fostering a rich, engaging learning community.