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The contractor building the Veterans Affairs hospital in Aurora is threatening to quit the project.

It is now $400 million over budget with a total price tag of $1 billion. Kiewit-Turner says the VA needs to redesign the hospital to make it work or find more money.

“It was badly mismanaged, and it’s out of control,” U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) said Monday.

Kiewit-Turner filed a complaint with the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, saying it’ll now cost $1 billion, but they’ve been promised much less.

“We’ve gone now from $604 million in projected costs to over a billion in projected costs, without a clear understanding of how we got to where we are,” Coffman said.

Other experts who’ve weighed-in say the gap may be too big to bridge.

“The contractor may just have to walk away and leave if they have to eat it,” said Dr. Ron Throupe with the Daniels College of Business. “You can’t make up that kind of number.”