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Traveling the World

At the Daniels College of Business, we provide some of the best MBA programs anywhere in the country. Our courses are designed to produce today’s business leaders, our faculty and staff are second to none, and our campus and facilities make learning easy and rewarding.

While we know that we can provide you with an unparalleled educational experience on campus, we also realize that some things need to be learned firsthand and outside of a traditional classroom. That’s why we are proud to offer our Global Opportunities (GO) program. This unique and exciting program allows graduate students the opportunity to travel across the world, interact with business professionals, and learn to solve real-world business problems in the process. Want to know more about this unique opportunity? Here is everything you need to know about the programs available.

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What Is the Global Opportunities Program?

At the Daniels College of Business, we know that education begins in the classroom. We also know that real-world experiences are a vital part of building a student’s skills and abilities. Our GO program is specifically designed to prepare MBA students to work anywhere in the world, in a variety of industries, and be a leader in their chosen field. And in a competitive world, the skills students learn will give them the edge necessary to earn the best careers available.

MBA students who participate in the program will be able to travel across the world and meet with leaders of corporations, charities, and other international organizations. While enrolled in the program, participants will have the opportunity to help solve real-world business problems alongside business leaders and fellow students—both in the country and abroad. These real-world trials will provide unparalleled experiences and opportunities for growth, opportunities that will help them achieve all of their personal and career-related goals.

Where Will It Take Me?

The GO program truly is a global program, allowing students to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe in search of hands-on business experiences. Where have students been able to travel in the past? Here are just a few of the locales that MBA students have visited:

  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Tanzania
  • Norway
  • India
  • Thailand
  • With future GO trips planned in Myanmar and Belize as well.

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What Will You Do?

The primary purpose behind the GO program is to immerse students in another culture and help them experience global businesses firsthand. The program will give you a broad understanding of how all businesses are connected, what makes them succeed, how certain practices are applicable to any industry, and how specific methodologies must be incorporated into any given business.

Each GO trip will be carefully structured and managed to maximize the amount of time you spend engaging with business owners and your fellow students. There are a variety of GO iterations, and the one you choose to participate in will determine your exact schedule and experiences.

Please keep in mind that many of these trips involve sightseeing and leisure time that can be used to recreate or explore the given area.

GO Iterations

There are several GO iterations available to students. While many programs involve international travel, some are specifically designed for individuals who cannot spend 2 or 3 weeks out of the country but still want to learn about the global market. Here is a brief summary of each iteration:

  • Enterprise Solutions: This 10-12 week program is open to all graduate students. The program involves tackling business challenges domestic companies currently face. Participants will analyze data, apply business concepts, and build teamwork skills
  • Enterprise Solutions Deutsche Bank Microfinance Project: This program is open to all graduate students and will have students working with Deutsche Bank managers in a variety of roles.
  • Global Business Theory in Practice: This program is open to all graduate students and is mandatory for all International MBA program students. It is a 10 week program including a 2 week overseas trip. Participants will work with foreign businesses and build an understanding of international business.
  • An Organized Walk Down Wall Street: This program focuses on investment exchanges and commodities markets and culminates with a 5 day trip to New York.
  • Finance Capitals of the World: This is a course offering an overview of derivative securities around the world.
  • Doing Business in Great China: Participants in this program will learn about doing business in China and the surrounding areas. This iteration involves traveling to Taiwan and working with companies in the region.

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Building a Better Future

While there is a financial investment required for any GO program, it should be considered as an investment in your future. The skills you learn and the opportunities you find will last a lifetime and help prepare you to have a successful career anywhere in the world. Not only will you make lifelong friends during the trip, but you will build business relations and establish networking paths that can lead to fantastic business opportunities throughout the rest of your life.

If you are interested in the overseas travel opportunities, we suggest you attend an upcoming information session hosted by the Office of Globalization. During the info session, you will learn everything you need to decide whether an international trip is right for you. And with so many programs and iterations available, you are sure to find an option that will meet your needs, goals, and lifestyle.