Congratulations to Brian Spencer for landing a job as a Core Consultant with Hitachi Consulting!

DCS_Brian SpencerTell us your story about how you landed your job or internship.

“Hitachi Consulting visited Daniels in the Fall Quarter to discuss positions they were hiring for at the time. I applied for the Core Consultant role and received a first-round interview. The first round of interviews took place on campus. Shortly after, I received notice that I was invited to the final round of interviews. The final round of interviews took place in Hitachi’s downtown Denver office. I had prepared myself for the 4-hour interview process with the help of Daniels Career Services. I was offered the job and accepted it shortly after receiving this news.”

What primary factor would you contribute your success in landing your job and why?

“Daniels Career Services office played a huge role in helping me land this job. Mock interviews put me in the “head space” of a consultant. My career coach assisted in taking my previous work experiences and framing them so that they were relevant to the job I was applying for. Another factor that contributed to getting the job offer was having an internship with a sister company of Hitachi Consulting called Hitachi Data Systems. My internship with HDS ensured me and those I interviewed with that I understood the culture of the company and that it was a good fit.”

What advice would you give to other students about the job search process?

“Thoroughly prepare yourself for any interview. Understand what the company does, and what they are looking for in a candidate. Leverage the career center to help in this process. The coaches and counselors want you to succeed and will give constructive feedback on how you can effectively interview. Mock interviews will give you a chance to reflect on how your responses can improve.”