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A new performing arts center that could draw national touring acts is among the ideas proposed for the “civic heart” of Boulder.

The idea is still very much in the conceptual stage, with proponents working on a feasibility study and city planners considering whether to include it in a Civic Area Master Plan for central Boulder.

Robert McGowan, a professor of management at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, said ease of parking is important in creating a positive experience for theater-goers.

“If they have the parking, if people can walk to restaurants, if they can do a nice job staging events, it’s doable,” he said.

Boulder also needs to look closely at the types of events it wants to host in a new performing arts center and where else along the Front Range those events can go.

“They’re bumping up against a lot of competition, so they have to decide what kind of events they’re going to bring to differentiate themselves,” he said.

A performing arts center