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Fellow Daniels Pioneers,


First, the Undergraduate Student Government has launched a student organization liaison program this year. The intent of this program is to match up every student organization with a senator to increase communication between student organizations and USG. The senators are there to serve as personal connections to the student organizations and to update them on what USG is working on that affects their organization. If you are involved with any student organizations, we highly encourage you to actively participate in this program! The USG senators are here to help you!

Next, the Daniels Entrepreneurship Society (DES) will be hosting a Business Plan Competition all year long. This competition was designed to connect students with DES, professors, and entrepreneurs to help turn their ideas into realities. Starting on November 2, DES will be bringing several business professionals and entrepreneurs to teach students how to make a general business plan and get started on executing it. During the winter and spring quarters, DES will be bringing in more specialists to help perfect every part of the business plan. Contact DES or attend the event on November 2 for more information on this amazing opportunity!

Lastly, the Fritz Knoebel School has a number of information sessions coming up in the next couple of weeks. This week is the Marriot Information Session on October 20 from 4-5 p.m. Next Monday, October 25, is the Starwood Information Session. Be sure to check out these sessions if you are interested in working in hotels, they offer great information and can start building relationships with these great establishments! Be sure to read the weekly Knoebel Notes for more great events coming out of the Fitz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management.

That’s it for this post, have a great week!

In Pioneer Spirit,
Dario Ogaz
HRTM Senator