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Tell me about a time when you were successful. How about a time when you handled a stressful situation? How do you work in a team?

Behavioral Interviewing is all about sharing your stories and experiences to highlight your skills. You’re not exactly telling these stories like you would tell your friends, you have to be succinct and specifically point out skills that relate to the question. Use the STAR method to articulate these things to employers.

ST – Situation, briefly outline the situation, goals or Tasks related to the situation,
A – describe the Actions you took to handle the situation,
R – explain the Results, quantitative if possible, and why/how you achieved the outcome.

60% of your story should focus on your Actions, the skills you used during the experience.

Practice, out loud, sharing these stories. Each time you repeat the story you’ll sound more polished. Behavioral Interviewing is a great opportunity to articulate how you are the most qualified and best candidate for the job.