A Graduate Business Degree from Daniels That Comes with Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships

As an undergraduate student, it can be daunting to think ahead to the future, which comes full speed ahead after graduation. Unlike the transition from high school to college, this decision is much more subjective and contingent upon individual desires and aspirations. For many, this entails the commencement of the intimidating job search. However, for others with a continued drive for education, as well as an understanding of their desired career path, graduate school may the perfect option. For me, it was the latter.

When I was a senior at a regionally-accredited university in Northern California, earning degrees in Public Health Science and Biology, I came to a realization that I aspired to obtain a business degree to round out my education. I wanted to dive directly into a business master’s program immediately following my undergraduate education. Personally, I wanted to pursue my graduate degree while I was young and still in “school-mode”.

Nicole Schlatter, Master’s in Management 2019

Upon discovering the Master’s Accelerated Admissions Process (MAAP) at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, my decision to apply was essentially made for me. The easy, seamless process made it a no-brainer. I discovered  a plethora of benefits — the most alluring perk though, was the GMAT waiver. I learned that because of my high academic standing – I earned a cumulative GPA over 3.0 – I didn’t have to take the time to study for yet another grueling standardized test. Additionally, I knew I would automatically be considered for a scholarship once I submitted my application. My two biggest hurdles into grad school, the GMAT and earning a scholarship, were no longer barriers to my dream of earning my master’s degree.

My excitement from my acceptance into the Management program at Daniels was amplified when I received a scholarship, as well as a graduate assistantship (GA) position. Being a GA has allowed me to become more immersed in the Daniels community, and has given me a great opportunity to work and contribute to the school that is giving me a wonderful education.

The MAAP allowed me a seamless application process into the Daniels College of Business. The simplicity of the process increased my excitement and motivation to further my education. After discovering MAAP through Daniels, my decision was easy. I was applying to a very prestigious program at a University that I was excited to be a part of, through a much less stressful admissions process.

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