Anthony Henderlong ultimately landed his position through networking with his professors. One of his professor’s had a connection with Rödl & Partner from his time as a PhD student in Cincinnati. He also utilized many opportunities via Career Services to help him with his resume, cover letter and for interview assistance. “I made sure to take advantage of the one-on-one guidance provided by Career Services. Those occasions allowed me to be prepared and organized when it came to applying for positions and presenting myself to an employer”.

“My program prepared me extensively in and out of the classroom to take on the responsibility of performing both audit and tax work as an accountant for Rödl & Partner. Throughout my time as a Daniels student, many of the administrators and professors in the accounting department were keen at encouraging me and providing career advice. In addition, the hard skills acquired through course work and soft skills polished through networking and Beta Alpha Psi also played a major role in becoming employed with Rödl & Partner”.

Henderlong’s Advice:

  1. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in determining your next step after graduation. If you are unsure what you want to do for a career, do not feel shy about reaching out to alumni asking for their advice and guidance about your career search. You may be surprised how willing others are at giving you there time to discuss potential careers. Although, you have to take initiative and ask!
  2. Take the time as a student to utilize the tools Daniels makes available for resume, cover/networking letters, and interview preparation assistance. These resources are worth their weight in gold and really prepare you well in presenting yourself soundly to a future employer.