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Typically, changes to masters-level curriculum happen gradually, and on an individual-course basis. This is a function of advancements in academic literature relevant to that particular course, shifts in finance practice, and shocks from market regime transitions and associated revisions in regulation.  Also, there are a lot of professor-specific elements to course developments. The chance for the Reiman faculty to create a new program from the ground-up was therefore a unique and exciting opportunity.

In building the program, Reiman faculty worked together to integrate course content and provide technology-enabled linkages among the courses. Delivering quantitative finance content in an online format was also a significant challenge.  The team has also worked to integrate Reiman and Daniels branding into the program, relying extensively on alums to provide online quotes and outline experiences relevant to the course content. Interestingly, even though the MBA@Denver program is online and can be taken by students living at a great geographic distance from Daniels, many of the students in the MBA@Denver program reside in the Denver Metropolitan area. The trend speaks to the value students place on being able to have flexibility with regard to their physical location given the demands of the modern workplace.

Another unique feature of the program is the multi-day immersion events which give students the chance to network and bond with their classmates and professors. The first immersion day (featured in this photo) took place at DU, with the next immersion taking place in New York, Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, with Professor Mac Clouse and Teaching Associate Professor JP Tremblay in attendance.

Many thanks go out to the MBA@Denver finance concentration course developers in the Reiman School:

  • Professor Jack Strauss, FIN 4760 – Managerial Economics
  • Professor Mac Clouse, FIN 4630 – Managerial Finance
  • Assistant Professor Andrew Detzel, FIN 4200 – Financial Investments & Markets
  • Associate Professor Chris Hughen, FIN 4320 – Security Analysis & Valuation
  • Associate Professor Doina Chichernea, FIN 4410 – Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Associate Professor Tracy Xu, FIN 4150 – Advanced Business Valuation

According to Professor Mac Clouse, “The MBA@Denver program is not an off-the-shelf online program. Each course has been individually developed by a Daniels faculty member.” In each of the 10 weeks, the students will view a 150-minute asynchronous component that involves a video of the professor with PowerPoint slides, problems to be worked on during the 150 minutes, and assignments for later presentation and discussion. Additionally, all the students in the class will be in a weekly 90-minute live session, with everyone online via the computer. The live session allows the students and faculty to see each other and to interact with each other. The content of the live session can involve the review of concepts, discussion of problems and other assignments and group work.

Professor Jack Strauss shared, “The objective of the MBA@Denver program is to make the student indispensable to their organization by providing hands-on training in applied business ideas. The student learns how economic and financial theories not only work but how they can be used for their job. The class is hence focused on interaction and experiential learning, with faculty leading discussions in small classes of approximately 15 students. So, the class consists not of the traditional ‘chalk n talk’ or PowerPoint slide presentations by the faculty, but the presentation and discussion of real world finance ideas and their application.”

This is the fourth quarter for the online program, with students entering in any given quarter. So far, the managerial economics class has been offered every quarter. The managerial finance class is being offered for the first time this quarter. Our first concentration course, financial investments and markets, will be offered in the coming winter quarter. Professor Clouse noted that MBA@Denver currently has 179 students, “So there is clearly demand for an online program.”