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Roddy MacInnes

Daniels undergraduate student recommends photography classes

The faculty at Daniels are great, but as you look for courses to take outside business, I would recommend taking a photography course from Associate Professor Roddy MacInnes. To describe to you just how impactful this professor can be, I have to start with a story.

When I first started at the University of Denver, I was as nervous as could be. I didn’t know what to expect or how to live in a new place all by myself. Thankfully, my first-year seminar class, The History of Photography, had an amazing professor. 

In our first class of the year, he sat us down and told us that “in college, your major should be life, and your minor should be whatever helps you make the most of it.” He made us go around the room declaring our major as life and our minor as whatever we were studying. It was a simple activity, but it had an outstanding impact on me because it reminded me that college is about more than just a great education.

As the class went on, he did as all professors do, teach their subject. He taught us techniques on how to use our camera, how to find the correct lighting, and how to create angles and tell stories with our photos. 

Nonetheless, MacInnes was creative as he taught us the basics of the camera. He managed to use our subject matter as a metaphor for life every time. Learning long exposure allowed him to have conversations with us about patience and teaching us about portrait photography allowed him to talk about creating connections.

He taught me that, just like how every picture isn’t going to be perfect, neither is life or college. He allowed my fear of not being good enough for the next step of my life to turn into an understanding that failing can still lead to my success. He taught me a hard lesson before I even had to struggle with it. 

MacInnes gives his students the ability to learn the harsh realities of life and at the same time make it into something beautiful. Not only that, but he helps his students understand the concept of life itself with ease… and in only 10 weeks.

I talked about this experience with some of my friends and family that attend different colleges. I realized this experience is unique to only me and the other students who may have the opportunity to take a class from Professor Roddy MacInnes

If you can put this professor in your schedule or re-arrange your schedule to make one of his classes fit, you will not be sorry. To help you with this process, here are a few classes I know he teaches:

  1. FSEM “The History of Photography”
  2. PHOTO I (I have taken this class as well and loved it! I would highly suggest!)
  4. ARTS2415
  5. ARTS3701
  6. WINTER INTERIM: “Photography and The Invention of Photography”

With all this said, if you still don’t believe that he is a professor you must take, whether you are an art student or not, go check out his ratings, and that should win you over.