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Taylor Wettlaufer is a junior undergraduate student studying business management with minors in economics and legal studies. He chose to study business at the Daniels College of Business because his family has a long history of business ownership, and he strives to make business a part of his life as well. Taylor says his favorite aspects of the Daniels community are the connections he has made. Because it is a small community, Taylor says he has gotten the chance to know many students in one way or another. He also emphasizes the importance of the networking opportunities DU has provided him, such as chances to meet alumni. His advice to incoming freshman is to do the same—get involved and meet as many people as possible.

Of his many on-campus activities, Taylor especially enjoys his work with DUPB, which this year is sponsoring GlowFest at DU. Taylor hopes to get further involved in the music industry with activities such as music production and blogging. We thank Taylor for being such an involved Daniels Pioneer. Good luck with everything and enjoy your senior year!