On a perfect summer Friday, more than 650 women from the Denver area got together to discuss their future in the technology industry.

Photo courtesy Colorado Technology Association

Surrounded by stunning mountain views in Larkspur, Colorado, on June 7, 2019, the Women in Tech Conference—hosted by the Colorado Technology Association and sponsored in part by Executive Education at the Daniels College of Business—offered an impressive day of learning, networking, empowerment and inspiration.

The WIT Conference attracted a high caliber of speakers from the tech space, including executives from GE, Arrow Electronics, Captech, Deloitte, Google, IBM and Four Winds, as well as CIOs and EVPs from the public sector.

CTA Women in Tech - 2019

Photo courtesy Colorado Technology Association

Keynote speaker Beth Comstock, author of “Imagine it Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change” and former vice chair of innovation at GE, shared her life experiences and how she gained confidence every time she encountered a challenge. At some point in her life, she concluded that “no” does not always mean “no;” most of the time it means “not yet.” For Comstock, confidence is important. At times in her career, she had to admit that she wasn’t certain what she was doing, but that she needed to move forward with confidence regardless.

Later in the day, Elizabeth Suarez, author of “The Art of Getting Everything” and coach at Negotiation Unleashed, shook up the audience and empowered audience members to achieve anything they want by simply applying a few techniques. In an engaging and uplifting presentation, Suarez taught the women how to create a vision path, how to network effectively and how to self-advocate instead of waiting for somebody else to speak up for them.

Many WIT Conference attendees shared moments of inspiration and key takeaways using the #WIT2019 event hashtag on Twitter

What the attendees learned from the event is relevant to everyone—not just females in the tech space: we need to be constantly honing our leadership traits throughout our professional journeys. Sometimes we need inspiration, other times we need technical expertise.

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