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Follow Alex Lewis, a current Denver MBA student, as he balances schoolwork, class projects and extracurricular activities with his personal life.

I live in downtown Denver near Union Station. Each morning, I commute to the DU campus via the RTD Light Rail—a public train system that runs throughout the city. Each student at DU is provided with a free RTD pass, which makes it easy to hop on the Light Rail and hop off at the stop near campus.

After a short walk from the train station, I arrive at Beans Coffee Shop, a mainstay at DU, which is operated by current students. I usually arrive around 8 a.m., giving me time to enjoy a coffee as I prepare for the day by responding to emails or catching up on reading for class.

At 9 a.m., I meet with my Global Challenge team to discuss the itinerary for our upcoming trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our team is developing a market growth strategy for a Denver-based medical supplies and device company. At the end of this quarter, we will travel to Buenos Aires for eight days to meet with our corporate host partner and conduct on-the-ground research. Fifteen students will travel to Buenos Aires, four of whom are on my team. The other teams from our cohort are traveling to Uganda and Israel.

After the Global Challenge team meeting, I head to my first class of the day—“Global Economics”—where we are learning about international economic theory and the economic landscape of the countries we’re traveling to for the Global Challenge.

Once “Global Economics” is over, I swing by the Grad Studio for a quick snack and fresh coffee. The studio is designated for all Daniels graduate students and it’s where most of us end up at some point during the day to grab refreshments or meet with classmates. And, thanks to recent renovations, the Grad Studio is a more comfortable home-away-from-home than ever before.

At noon, I head to my second class of the day—“Global Challenge I.” Today, we’re presenting our “Hot Topics,” which are quick overviews of country-specific matters that may help us conduct better business in the areas we are traveling to for the Global Challenge. The topic that I present is about formal and informal relations between Argentina and the U.S. Following the presentations, DU Risk Management presents an example itinerary, and how they can help facilitate and maximize our time in Argentina.

After class, I sneak in a quick workout at the Coors Fitness Center—the on-campus gym—to relax and recharge. Some days, I visit the DU library—Anderson Academic Commons—for a bit of studying.

At 4:30 p.m., I have a meeting with my career advisor to review two cover letters for post-graduation jobs. He provides useful feedback to help tailor my responses to the job specifications and I leave feeling optimistic about securing one of the positions.

Tonight, I have an evening meeting for Project X-ITE’s Student Advisory Board. Project X-ITE is an interdisciplinary program at DU that fosters entrepreneurship and connects students and ideas across campus. We discuss ideas for an upcoming design-thinking challenge and a speaker series that will focus on Denver startup companies.

On evenings when I don’t have meetings, I try to connect with friends or network with potential contacts. Usually I spend a few hours finishing homework and preparing for the following day’s classes. I’ll spend a few minutes relaxing by reading or catching up on my favorite Netflix show, “Stranger Things,” before lights out around 11:30 p.m.

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