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Christy Rosenfeld believes that business can help enable good in the world and be a “catalyst for change.” Through this belief, Christy decided to pursue an IMBA from Daniels. In additional to her busy course load, Christy is the president of the student organization, Net Impact, which she feels has a mission that aligns to that of Daniels. In her free time, Christy is married and has a dog at home. She also thoroughly enjoys the outdoor activities made even more special due to the vast playing field offered by Colorado.

Christy hopes to inspire upcoming students to become more involved offering her advice to not be afraid to try everything and take advantage of networking opportunities. Time conflicts happen and you can’t say yes to everything but it’s important to make time when you can and put yourself out there. Christy is particularly keen on networking because she has seen the power it has on a person’s life. Through networking she landed a great internship who has offered her a job upon graduation. Christy accredits her excitement towards having a job set up for her to the networks she built at Daniels which she says is the biggest takeaway from her Daniels experience and education.

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