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When applying to numerous jobs and internships, it can be overwhelming to keep track of each opportunity and their different hiring timelines. Here are some tips to help you stay organized:

  1. Save your cover letter and résumé as a PDF, and use your name and the date as the file name.
    • This will help you to identify your most recent version, and will keep you from sending documents to a company with a different company in the file title. Here’s an example: J. Smith Résumé 1.1.15
  2. Create job search agents in UCAN and/or Pioneer Careers to get regular updates on positions related to your interests and criteria.
    • Start with an Advanced Search, and then create a Saved Search from those results (see below). danielscareers-job-search-2
  3. Be sure to keep employers’ business cards you obtain at career fairs, employer information sessions, networking events, etc.
    • Put them all in one place, and date the back of each one with a couple of notes on what you talked about with that person. This will help you remember details for future follow-up efforts and/or when you see them at another event.
  4. Start a spreadsheet that lists details about each position for which you are applying (see below). danielscareers-job-search-3
  5. Set weekly goals!
    • Put aside at least two hours each week to work on your job or internship search, and put them on your calendar.
    • Set goals for the number of each of these things you’d like to get done each week: Informational Interviews, new LinkedIn connections, and completed applications.
    • Work with your Career Advisor to determine what realistic goals for you should be, and they will help to keep you on track.For an appointment, call 303-871-3911.

Toni Gabrielli is a Career Counselor for the Taylor Family Undergraduate Career Center at the Daniels College of Business.