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Sure, we’d all rather be tucked away in a Wyoming cabin with loved ones celebrating today’s solar eclipse than be at work this morning. But when life gives you lemons—or the moon blocks the sun and obscures daylight for us earthlings—you make lemonade. So, turn around bright eyes, and read these five handy tips for getting the most out of today’s celestial phenomenon.

  1. DON’T look directly at the sun. Scorched retinas don’t qualify for workers comp.
  2. DON’T let your boss bully you into giving her your eclipse glasses. See previous tip.
  3. DO run if your co-workers start acting funny, and/or start mumbling, “brains … braaaiiins …”
  4. DO refrain from singing, “It’s the end of the world as we know it …” It’s bad form during an eclipse. Unless your co-workers start acting funny, then see previous tip.
  5. DO indulge in that extra slice of pizza during your office’s Eclipse Viewing Party. Remember: Calories don’t count in the dark.

Happy Solar Eclipse!