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In 2011, a published article covered the reasons leaders do not need an MBA. Although the article makes good points about how many people are naturally born leaders, it dismisses the specific programs and what they can offer people to help them with their careers. In the years since then, more and more people have enrolled in MBA programs across the nation. Why? Because leaders understand that they can benefit from this opportunity through additional experience, self-improvement opportunities and innovation experience.


Effective leaders are always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow. MBA programs allow them to take risks within a safe environment that won’t affect the workplace. This gives them the opportunity to practice assessing a situation, break down complex issues, create a strategy and overcome workplace pressures. This can boost leaders’ confidence in real-world situations in the workplace environment, allowing them to make confident decisions when necessary.


Leaders are always looking for ways to improve themselves. They know how important it is to build character that can elicit trust and authority. They know that being a team player is important so they look for opportunities to work with others to develop the skills needed to be a successful member of a team. MBA programs offer the opportunity to work in an environment that fosters the skill development needed to inspire others to achieve objectives, while showing integrity in one’s self.


Leaders understand that business is evolving and technologies are advancing. They are continually looking for opportunities to learn and stay ahead of the game. MBA programs give leaders the opportunity to learn about innovative techniques and practice using them in the workplace. This also teaches them how to be flexible and look for new ways to get the job done. Leaders know that their professional education is never done so they continue to look for opportunities to learn and develop. Finding the right MBA program is a huge part of helping leaders reach their career goals and gain the information they would like to attain.

Sure, some people are naturally born leaders, but even those understand the need for continuing education on new ways to do things and work toward developing new skills and attributes beneficial in the workplace. At the University of Denver, we want to work with proven leaders in the workplace and budding leaders to help them both reach their goals and continue to strengthen their skills.