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While many of us have a clear idea of what we want to achieve in our personal lives, like buy a home, spend more time with family or eat cake for breakfast (no judgment), we don’t often take the time to map out our professional goals. Sure, we might sit down with our managers to discuss performance metrics for the upcoming year, but do we really take the time to think about what we want to achieve in our careers? To use the clichéd interview question, where do you see yourself in five years? What do you need to do now so you can get there? To help you formulate a list of goals, we’ve provided some ideas below, and unlike most things in life, you are welcome to steal these: 

  1.   Increase Performance Metrics

promotion business goals mbaBring in a new client, make a sale, or cut costs. Start by giving yourself a timeframe. Do you want to see improvements in a week? Two? A month, maybe? Next, consult your past numbers and realistically gauge the change you would like to see. Metrics are a great way to distinguish yourself from coworkers, especially in offices where there is little interaction with upper management.

  1.   Land a Promotion

Asking for a promotion needs to be carefully planned and executed. First, make a list of any skills you need to learn or tasks you need to complete before getting promoted. Then, set a flexible timeframe. Some things may need more time to learn than others. Also, try developing a working relationship with your department members and managers. Once you are confident in your ability to move up, schedule a meeting with your direct supervisors. Make sure to come prepared with what you are asking for, what you are willing to settle for, and why you deserve it.

  1.   Just Keep Learning

continued education goals mba denverThere’s no such thing as knowing everything about business. Whether you decide to earn your MBA or live off podcasts and seminars, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and perfect your skills. Certain industries and job functions that are prevalent today, did not exist a few years ago, so as a growing professional, it’s important to learn about new and thriving areas of business. According to Forbes, most of the fastest-growing jobs now require business analytics skills, which was almost unheard of 10 years ago. So, remember to think of learning as a lifelong pursuit and you will always stay one step ahead.

  1.   Develop an Organizational Method

Being organized is about more than putting your stuff where it belongs. Staying neat and clean is a way of reducing stress, maintaining balance and presenting a more positive business image. While you develop this system, address what allowed the clutter to collect in the first place. Who knows? Maybe your newfound organizational skills will start a domino effect leading to your promotion!

  1.    Use Your Paid Time Off

vacation goals business mba colorado denverOverworking typically leads to making poor and unhealthy decisions throughout the day. You may feel productive but your mind is tired and your body isn’t too far behind. Eventually, caffeine and sugar slowly become your go-to habit to stay awake. Use any PTO or vacation days you have to find new ways to unwind. Even a weekend away could do wonders for your stress, creativity, productivity and job satisfaction. You have earned your vacation days, so don’t let them disappear this year. 

Don’t look at your list of goals as a set-in-stone plan, either. Allow it the freedom to grow with you as you move throughout the business world in 2020. The Denver MBA program will prepare you to achieve all your professional goals in an ever-changing industry. The program is for ambitious, driven and brave future business leaders. 2020 is just the beginning. Apply today.