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Today’s accountants are expected to maintain a rigorous ethical standard as an integral part of their profession. Many of the regulatory and ethical rules are being updated and are becoming more complex.  The Daniels School of Accountancy offers graduate-level continuing education programs to keep abreast of these changes and to update your skills.

Each continuing education program consists of four required graduate level courses (16 credit hours). You’ll take the same graduate level concentration courses as MBA or master’s degree students at Daniels, but in a time frame that works best for you.

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Suggested Continuing Education Programs—Or Customize Your Own

Professional Accreditation & Accounting for Business Courses

Need additional academic hours to qualify to sit for the Uniform CPA exam in Colorado? Looking for a way to add additional hours using education in lieu of work experience to qualify for a CPA license in Colorado? Or perhaps, you’re just searching for a way to complete academic courses to prepare for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam. Whatever the reason, this program allows you to customize your education to your accreditation requirements while earning a Daniels Graduate Business Certificate.

Accounting for Business

Learn the basics of financial statement preparation and how to use tools such as breakeven, budgets and balanced scorecard for management accounting analysis. The curriculum provides a user’s perspective on interpreting and understanding financial statements, delves into real company case studies and focuses on financial analytical capabilities and cost accounting techniques.

Audit & Accounting Systems Courses

Gain an understanding of the basic tools and techniques of a forensic accountant, system developer and auditor. Learn to develop financial applications using Microsoft Access and create accurate reports of a business’ books. Whether you’re new to accounting or need to update your existing auditing skills, we will give you the know-how you need.

Financial Reporting and Taxation Courses

Update and expand your knowledge in the areas of financial reporting and taxation by understanding and reviewing the latest financial reporting requirements; learning the latest information regarding changes in tax laws affecting an individual, corporate and partnership tax returns and applying tax regulations to real-world situations.

Program Details

Continuing education programs require 16 credit hours. You may take fewer than 16 credits, although you will not complete the program. A continuing education program is designed to be flexible to you. You can finish in as little as six months or more than a year depending on your schedule. You must have completed a bachelor’s degree to participate in the program. Classes are held two evenings a week, typically following a Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday schedule. Limited daytime options are also available.

All courses are fully transferable and may be applied toward pursuing a Daniels MBA or master’s degree.


$1,320 per credit hour

$5,280 per class

Tuition for Daniels College of Business graduate programs is based on a cost-per-credit hour set by the University of Denver. Residents and non-residents of Colorado have the same tuition costs.

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Application Deadlines

Summer Quarter, 2017

Start Date June 19, 2017
Application Deadline June 1, 2017

Fall Quarter, 2017

Start Date September 11, 2017
Application Deadline August 24, 2017