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The Daniels Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee was created to systematically examine our policies, processes and practices with respect to DEI. The committee aims to identify gaps and propose specific steps we can take to grow the culture of inclusivity at Daniels.

Among other things, the committee will:

  • actively seek student input
  • arrange training for faculty and staff
  • create opportunities for dialog across groups within DU and with the broader community
  • evaluate the curriculum and co-curricular activities, for additional opportunities to create awareness of DEI issues among for our students

Share your thoughts

We’d love to hear your voice on this critical issue. Do you have recommendations, based on expertise or professional experience at your workplace or in your community, on ways to help make Daniels the inclusive, equitable, diverse community we want it to be? We encourage you to email the DEI Committee. Your input can help us make a difference.

Committee Members

Assistant Director, Analysis and Operations
Daniels 335H
Dean of the Daniels College of Business
Office of the Dean
Daniels 664
Associate Professor; Director
Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management
Joy Burns Center 339
Senior Director of Communications and Operations
Office of Communications and Marketing
Daniels 279
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions
Daniels 255
Executive Director of Development
Office of Advancement
Daniels 665
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs; Associate Professor, Business Ethics ...
Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies
Margery Reed Hall 107B
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Programs
Margery Reed Hall 105
Director, MS in Management; Teaching Assistant Professor
Department of Management
Daniels 463
Associate Dean, Faculty and Research; Program Director, Executive PhD; ...
School of Accountancy
Daniels 679