The Benefits of the Executive Mentor Program

September 15, 2015 |

Executive Mentor Kickoff Breakfast

Executive Mentor Program Benefits from a Student Perspective.

Getting your MBA can be a challenge. Getting a job after you graduate can be a challenge as well. Having a mentor who has been through the same situation can be helpful. The Executive Mentor Program (EMP) is composed of executives in the Denver area who have ten or more years work experience at the executive level. They are a wealth of knowledge about their specific industry and are able to help students better prepare themselves to become part of the business world.

When you decide to participate in the EMP you are required to attend an information session to review program guidelines and expectations. Mark your calendar for September 22 at 5 p.m. or September 25 at noon, Schneider Board Room, sign up on Pioneer Careers. You only need to attend one session. From there you pick your top 10 choices of executives by industry and submit them with your application. Daniels Career Services then compiles the data and matches students to mentors.

Each mentor group (four students or less) is different and they do different things, some of the benefits you could have are:

  • Networking with people in the industry of your interest
  • Job shadowing your mentor
  • Learning how business is practiced
  • Honing your career goals
  • Touring a company of interest

Each mentor group experience is unique and the best way that you can do things of interest to you and your group is to be an advocate for those interests. Come into the program with an idea of what you want to get out it. That way you will set yourself up for success.

They are required to pick 10 on the application, I don’t think the application allows for them to pick more

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