Student Athlete Spotlight: Faimie Kingsley

February 21, 2012 |

potw-faimekingsleyFaimie Kingsley has been pursuing her passions for academia and athletics ever since high school, when she asked to be transferred to a boarding school for a better academic experience. While at boarding school, she participated in track, basketball, and volleyball. Now a junior Finance major and a middle blocker for the DU Volleyball team, Kingsley continues to push herself as both a student and an athlete. She says the “positive atmosphere, the coaching staff and the strong chemistry among the teammates” are what led her to choose DU over other recruiting schools. Even as she struggled with shin splints, Kingsley’s determination shone through more strongly than ever as she took the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the game and improve her understanding of the game. As she shows no signs of slowing her ascent to academic and athletic greatness, we congratulate Ms. Kingsley on being an outstanding Daniels Pioneer and student athlete.

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