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Parking probably isn’t the first topic that crosses your mind when choosing a business school, but unless you’re going to live within walking distance of campus or are planning on taking public transportation, it’s an important consideration.  Here at Daniels, we’re lucky to have several convenient parking options (please click here to access a map for reference). 

  • Lot D is located right underneath Daniels.  This is a covered lot and is the most expensive lot on campus, at a rate of $810 for the year.  This is the easiest and closest option to Daniels, and if there’s bad weather you won’t even have to go outside.
  • Lots H2, L, and E are covered lots that are located a five minute walk away from Daniels.  The annual cost for these lots is $474. 
    • Lot H2 is located next to the Korbel School of International Studies, so it’s a good choice if you’re an IMBA student.
    • To get to Lot L from Daniels, you have to cross a busy street, but it’s conveniently located between Daniels and the Coors Fitness Center.
    • Penrose Library is located in between Lot E and Daniels.
  • Lot H1 is an uncovered lot (it’s the roof of Lot H2) that is located five minutes from Daniels.  The cost is $306.
  • Lots W and O are uncovered lots that are located about seven minutes from Daniels.  The cost is $246. 
    • Lot W is close to the Coors Fitness Center and is across the street from several small shops (Starbucks, Subway, Bruegger’s Bagels, etc.). 

To purchase a parking permit, click here.  Log on using your DU ID number and password and then click on “Purchase” under “Permits.”  Make sure to buy early to avoid waitlists (the lots often sell out months in advance).

If you would rather pay for parking by the hour, you can park in any of the green, 300-series lots (see map here) for $1.50 per hour.  Make sure to pay in advance at the pay station.

If you still have questions about parking on campus, you can find many answers on the Parking Services website by clicking here, by emailing them at, or by calling 303-871-3210.

If you don’t mind walking, there is free street parking about a fifteen to twenty minute walk away from campus in any direction.  However, make sure to read the street signs very carefully and follow their instructions to avoid getting a ticket!

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  1. Noelle Limbird

    Good afternoon,
    The Women in Business organization has a speaker coming in Tuesday night. Can I get her a parking pass for the evening?


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