Olivia Moran

April 15, 2013 |

Olivia Moran pairs her education in finance with her career as an analyst in investment banking. As a senior, Olivia is nearing graduation equipped with her educational toolbox which has helped land her in the career she has sought out in investment banking. For the future, Olivia hopes to move to an associate level and possibly open her own business with the option of going back to school for an MBA or specialized master’s program after gaining some work experience.

At Daniels, Olivia works for the Dean’s office where she has strengthened her knowledge of Daniels as well as grown her social network with the Daniels community. Olivia loves the small Daniels community size and the chances to get involved on campus such as through case competitions.

In her free time Olivia enjoys the outdoor activities loved by many who live and come to Colorado such as biking and hiking.

Lastly, Olivia lends her advice to fellow Daniels Pioneers to get involved and take advantage of opportunities to build your network.

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