Jan 20 2017 MarketingLabFaculty

    New Center Offers Consumer Insights

    Do you ever pause to consider your loyalty to one brand versus another? What factors drive you to purchase a particular product line, whether it’s toothpaste, milk or laundry detergent? The Daniels College of Business’ new Consumer Insights and Business … Continued

    Jan 10 2017 rhinehart-mary-voe

      JM CEO says their core values create success

      Chair, President and CEO of Johns Manville Mary Rhinehart (Executive MBA 1989) told an audience of about 500 Monday night about her four core values for leading and succeeding, attributing much of what she’s learned to her boss Warren Buffett, … Continued

      Dec 08 2016 enterprise-challenge

        Perfect Pitch

        Pacing, mumbling, nervous laughter. The Commons on Champa was practically vibrating with anxiety on the evening of Nov. 15. Daniels College of Business students were gathered at the location in downtown Denver for the final pitch competition of the Enterprise … Continued

        Dec 05 2016 alumni-awardees-snowball-2016

          Daniels graduates honored at Snow Ball

          Three Daniels graduates were given Alumni Awards at the annual Snow Ball event Thursday, Dec. 1. In keeping with tradition, the three alumni were given a red jacket with a gold DU shield on the pocket. They join inaugural winners … Continued

          Nov 21 2016 Jonathan Spungen

            Fall Graduate has Heritage of Pioneering Business for Good

            Before Jonathan Spungen understood anything about finance or accounting, he’d already been in some high-powered business meetings. His parents took him and his sister on their business trips. As the owners of PEER Bearing and PEER Chain Co., the family … Continued

            Nov 15 2016 chrite-brent

              From the Dean: November 2016

              It’s difficult to fathom that we’ve reached the end of the Fall Quarter at the Daniels College of Business, particularly given the balmy weather in Colorado this November. The past few months have been marked by myriad curricular and programmatic … Continued

              Nov 14 2016 densmore-teresa

                Worth the Wait

                Teresa Densmore (MBA 2014) is really glad she didn’t settle. After earning her MBA with concentrations in nonprofit strategy and management from the Daniels College of Business, Densmore was prepared to bide her time until the ideal job presented itself. … Continued