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As the only Real Estate and the Built Environment program from a renowned and accredited business college, our degrees are designed to make sharp minds even sharper and turn experienced professionals into visionary leaders. In the fast-moving, high risk/high reward world of real estate, property development, and integrated project delivery, it’s important to always stay ahead of the curve. With a degree from Daniels and the Burns School, rest assured you will leave with a better grasp of your potential and the knowledge you need to stand out and stand up for what’s right in your career. 


Program At A Glance

Program Curriculum

On-campus: A 12+-month, full- or part-time, 48-credit on campus program. Ethics and values-based leadership are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Online: An 18–24-month, 48-credit program taken online in a synchronous classroom experience. One three-day course in residence is required. Ethics and values-based leadership are integrated throughout the curriculum.


On-campus: GMAT or GRE required.

Online: Typically waived.

Program Start DatesSeptember and March.
Tuition$1,258 per credit hour plus program fees. Tuition Calculator»
Financial AidGovernment student loans, private loans and GI benefits available. Some merit- and need-based scholarships are available through the Franklin L. Burns School scholarship application.
Application DeadlinesFour rounds of admission deadlines for fall entry and three rounds for spring entry.
Recommended Work Experience

On-campus: Varies.

Online: Seven+ years of industry-related experience required.


Learn from Industry Experts in the Classroom and in the Field—Locally and Around the World

  • Gain insight and expertise from faculty members who are well-connected throughout the industry.
  • Obtain immediate experience in all aspects of real estate development by teaming up with developers in our unique Residential Practicum or NAIOP projects.
  • Enroll in our real estate capital markets class where you’ll manage and evaluate assets in the Mueller Real Estate Investment Fund.
  • Travel the world to meet with government officials, builders, developers and experts and learn firsthand about international real estate and construction through our Global Delegations.
  • Experience the power of our extensive alumni network in nearly every major city in the world (35,000+ strong). Access guidance and support when you need to close a deal, gain a local perspective or explore professional opportunities.

REBE Life Cycle


Courses & Electives

chart-rebe-curriculumREBE graduate degrees provide students with an understanding of the full life cycle of the built environment while acquiring expertise in a specific educational discipline of their choice. It can be completed in one year full-time or 18 months part-time.

Choose from either our online Executive Master of Science or our on-campus MS degree:

Online Executive MS: An 18-24 month, 48 credit program taken online in a synchronous classroom experience. One three-day course in residence is required. Ethics and values based leadership are integrated throughout the curriculum. Download the XREBE Degree Plan»

On-campus MS: A 12+ month, full- or part-time, 48-credit on campus program. Ethics and values based leadership are integrated throughout the curriculum. Download the MSREBE Degree Plan»


MS REBE Course Sequence

Full-time, Fall Start

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Part-time, Fall Start

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Full-time, Spring Start

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Part-time, Spring Start

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Course Descriptions

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Concentrations, Dual Degrees & Certificates

The Burns School offers unique opportunities for students to earn two master’s-level degrees simultaneously or to pursue an MBA with a real estate, property development and integrated project delivery concentration.

You can also add another dimension to your industry knowledge by combining the MSREBE with a juris doctor (JD) from the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law.

For more information about any of these options, please contact a graduate admissions manager.


Graduate students at the Burns School concentrate in either residential or commercial real estate development. Select from one of three tracks or choose a customized option:

  • Real Estate—Finance, financial analysis, valuation and appraisal, investment, capital markets, and corporate real estate.
  • Property Development—Feasibility, planning, entitlements, finance, building systems, construction management, facilities and asset management.
  • Integrated Project Delivery—Preconstruction planning, design phase management, procurement, construction project management, and commissioning.

Global Business & Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate

The Daniels College of Business and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies present the Global Business & Corporate Responsibility certificate to any Daniels or Korbel student at the University of Denver.

Businesses often struggle to responsibly meet the needs of their so-called stakeholders, including their suppliers, employees, consumers, host communities and financiers. Some states struggle to promote—through regulation, sanctions or norms socialization—"good" corporate behavior, while other seek to extract rents from corporations. Meanwhile, a wide range of local and transnational civil society organizations increasingly make their impact felt. This interdisciplinary certificate would enable students to gain a better understanding of the primary issues associated with the contemporary global corporate citizenship and a better use of the "tool kit" available to states, business actors and other governing groups.

Specifically, students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the role of businesses, states and civil societies in fostering and encouraging corporate social responsibility
  • Apply models of global governance and management strategy to empirically-relevant challenges in emerging economies
  • Compare and contrast the utility and effectiveness of multi-stakeholder initiatives, soft and hard law mechanisms
  • Critically evaluate ongoing efforts to improve CSR and develop recommendations for states, civil societies and/or business practitioners
  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of the broader political economic system that shapes firm behavior
  • Explain global business behavior by applying classic political economy approaches
  • Explore how international business decisions are related to, and inform, business strategy and organizational design

Download the Certificate Requirements»

Experiential Learning

Learning at Burns is not confined to classrooms or even continents. Our approach to learning is interdisciplinary and high impact: You learn business lessons because you live them. You acquire business skills because you use them when the stakes are real. 

  • NAIOP Challenge: Hosted by the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, this annual event is a competition between graduate students of the Burns School and the University of Colorado Real Estate Program. Both schools receive the same project challenge at the start of winter quarter and a class is formed around working with industry professional to decide best use and feasibility of the property, financing, marketing and design of the project incorporating LEED and other areas of sustainability. After an internal competition to decide who will best represent their programs, each school’s chosen team presents their ideas at an annual NAIOP dinner of 700+ attendees. A pre-chosen panel of judges decides the winner of the competition based on real-life analysis of all phases of the development. To date, the Burns School has enjoyed five victories in the eight years of this competition.
  • Practicum Project: In the residential practicum, you’ll form a home-building company with other students, choose a site, bid the project, obtain permits, manage construction, market and sell the property. In the commercial practicum, students work with a corporate developer to shape innovative, high-profile projects.
  • Mueller Real Estate Investment Fund: Started by Professor Glenn Mueller and his wife, Jan, the Fund provides capital for students enrolled in the Real Estate Capital Market class to manage. Students analyze and select real estate investments, establish portfolio strategies and carefully evaluate portfolio performance.
  • Visiting Lecture Series: To give our students unprecedented access to the industry leaders, the School hosts Visiting Scholars and Industry Experts to participate in the classroom and off-campus activities.
  • Student Organizations: Student-run organizations such as the RECM Club, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Student Chapter and Sigma Lambda Chi, an international construction honor society, provide networking and mentorship opportunities.


At Daniels, our faculty members are passionate about teaching. As scholars who are deeply engaged in the business world, they excel at bridging the gap between theory and real-world application. The result is an academically rigorous and highly relevant learning experience that prepares you for business realities.

Daniels faculty delivers a high level of instruction with a personal touch. Here, you'll find teachers who know your name and care about your goals. They'll become inspiring mentors who challenge your assumptions, encourage your best effort and connect you with business leaders in Denver and beyond.

Learn more about the Burns School faculty»


‘A man or woman is no fool to give up what they can never keep to gain what they can never lose.’ I heard this quote when I was 20 years old and it changed my life. I thought about all of the blue-collar jobs that I had worked when I was younger and how they lead to nowhere. I decided to apply to Burns after my undergrad degree because of the excellent online real estate program and nationally known professors. I realized I would need advanced knowledge from a Master’s degree program. The first day in class taught me that I was in the right place. The students in my class were of the highest caliber and non-traditional learners like me. I learned many new ways to analyze real property and personally apply what I learned in my own company. I developed relationships that will last a lifetime. The knowledge I gained at Burns will ultimately help me achieve my lifelong goals.- Paul Schultz, MSRECM, President, Schultz Realty Group Inc.
After 20 years in real estate — just when I thought I knew all that I needed to know – a recognized industry professional (CCIM, SIOR, CPM, CRE, SRS) serving as the president of a public real estate company — Dr. Mark Levine suggested that I should consider the Executive Master’s in Real Estate and Construction Management as a capstone learning event. I entered the program in 2000 (graduated in 2004) and discovered the truth of Dr. Levine’s words – XMRCM is indeed a real estate capstone learning event. I will forever be grateful for his words of advice.- Gary M. Ralston, CCIM, SIOR, CPM, CRE, CLS, President, Florida Retail Development, LLC
I decided to pursue my master’s for a couple of reasons. First, as a woman in a male-dominated industry (homebuilding) I felt I needed the additional education in order to gain further credibility; second, the additional degree would make me a greater asset to my company and therefore increase my earning potential; finally, higher education has always been emphasized in my family. My grandmother got her MSW from DU. When the XMRECM program was first announced, she made sure I got an informational packet. The degree was completely in line with my professional pursuits, fit my crazy work and travel schedule, and was offered through a highly touted school. Earning the degree definitely gave me more credibility in the industry, increased my earnings within my company, and aided in my personal investment success.- Leslie Kramer, MSRECM, Broker/Owner of Honukai Real Estate, LLC
My decision to apply is based upon my realization that, while participation in transactions and projects provides important education, learning from the experiences of others while studying the science behind sound decision making is also very valuable. The additional real estate specific analytical skills, along with a broader view of the tax, legal, and entitlement challenges in the industry that the Real Estate and Construction Management program will add to my skill set will allow me to better serve my clients. I also believe the program will significantly enhance my ability to make investment decisions on my own account.- Rye Austin, MSRECM, Vice President, Orvis/Cushman & Wakefield
Ranch and Recreational Properties, LLC
I decided to pursue an Executive Masters Degree to elevate my skills and credentials to ensure flexibility in my career in this ever increasingly competitive world. I chose the Burns School for its flexibility, uniqueness, and prominent standing amongst institutions of higher education. The education is extensive and in depth and education I have acquired to date has given me confidence to pursue new avenues in my career and elevated my standing with clients and peers.- Eric Grindy, CCIM, Real Estate Consultant, Hilman Marshall Real Estate
I am a professor of Real Estate at the University of Central Oklahoma and own a real estate firm in Oklahoma. I am working on a PhD at Oklahoma State University. I am incorporating the Executive Master’s Degree and Real Estate and Construction Management Certificate into my PhD. I chose Burns school because of the reputation of the Faculty and Graduates. The convenience and availability of the courses was another reason for the choice. The courses I have completed have been applicable to my real estate practice as well as my teaching career. The staff and faculty have been available and willing to help in anyway. I am glad I committed the resources and time to pursuing my degree at the University of Denver!- J. David Chapman, Professor of Real Estate, University of Central Oklahoma
I decided to pursue the Executive Master’s program to try and stay on the cutting edge of the current technology in the valuation process. The Burns School of Real Estate was one of the few MS programs that is affiliated through the Appraisal Institute, and at the time may have been the only one that was a Distance Program. This program presented a challenging curriculum and provided great insight to enhancing my current appraisal assignments. Also, since graduating, I have pursued and obtained the CCIM and LEED AP designations, which are direct results of the DU Executive Masters in Real Estate and Construction Management curriculum.- Lloyd “Chip” Murphy, MSRECM, MAI, CCIM, LEED AP, L.T. Murphy Appraisals
I decided to pursue my Masters at the Burns School because I felt that it had the best combination of facilities/instructors offered in a closely knit classroom. That one on one interaction along with a national reputation that I thought would only be enhanced with time would give me an advantage in the highly competitive real estate development business. For me, the financial analysis lessons and world view of real estate have proven to be invaluable in my career.- Brian Ketterhagan, Development Manager, Continuum Partners, LLC
I pursued the XRECM because I noticed a number of the acquisitions people here had a strong, varied background in real estate but I had mostly a reporting and investor relations background. I basically wanted exposure to more varied disciplines within Real Estate. I liked the online aspect of this degree and I had heard good things about the Burns school from a coworker who got his MBA there and loved it. A few surprises were: The knowledge and organization of the faculty members. The instructors encourage input from the students about their experiences. Classes that I thought would be predictable in some aspects were often unpredictable and pleasantly new and exciting. I was not looking forward to the Residencies on campus at first but now I think that is one of the best parts of the program. The area and the school is beautiful. The classrooms are great and the faculty top notch. There usually are events planned so you get time to really meet your classmates.- William , Vice President, Investor Financial Services SunAmerica
Affordable Housing Partners, Inc.
I came to the University of Denver/ Burns School of RECM holding a Bachelor of Architecture from Notre Dame and a recently completed MBA from Rollins College. Choosing an MBA/ Real Estate focused post graduate program was an important personal investment decision. My shortlist of institutions included all the leading private and public graduate real estate programs located throughout in the country. There are many fine graduate schools and the challenge is to find the program that is right for your particular needs and interests. My decision to attend the Daniels College of Business at The University of Denver was due to the special features of the Burns School XMRCM program and was the right one!- David J. Mack, XMRCM Certificate, 2005
I decided to pursue an Executive Master’s degree at The Burns school in order to broaden my knowledge in my field, and connect with different perspectives without having to put my career on hold. This program has given me the confidence to institute important issues such as sustainability and social responsibility and the knowledge to make better decisions.- Natalie Binder
I chose to pursue an Executive Masters Degree to gain specialized knowledge about real estate development and investment. After a great deal of research I settled on the Burns School to serve my quest for related knowledge. I selected Burns for three main reasons: 1) its impeccable, ethical reputation, 2) its distinguished staff and 3) its focus on the entrepreneurial aspects of real estate development. I have already put my degree to good use; it helped me land a Director of Strategic Accounts position at a Bay Area company. The Burns School has given me the practical tools I needed to achieve my RE-related aspirations.- Howard “Will” Morgan, MSRECM, Director of Strategic Accounts
I have been a real estate investor for almost 30 years and I wanted to learn how complex real estate deals are analyzed in order to more confidently consider a broader range of investments. I chose Burns because of the program’s great reputation and curriculum. The course of study is rigorous; the professors are professionally as well as academically accomplished, and I liked being able to take the courses remotely or on campus. I did obtain the analytical skills I sought, and because the Burns School enjoys the respect and interactive support at the highest levels of Denver’s real estate community, I had the opportunity to create mentoring relationships that otherwise would have been unavailable. Since graduation I have been offered employment as well as investment participation opportunities. The program is highly regarded and I am proud to be a graduate.- Kathryn Finley, MSRECM
I decided to pursue my executive Masters degree to ensure that I remain competitive with my peers. The choice of schools was easy since I knew from my experience in the industry that most of the major players went through the DU RECM program. I am gaining an overall perspective on the RECM industry that I could never have experienced from my day jobs.- Anthea Martin, MSRECM
After thoroughly researching all the Graduate Real Estate programs throughout the country, I chose to attend the Burns School because the program was exactly what I was looking for – a program geared toward the entrepreneurial real estate investor and developer. In this program I have learned to thoroughly and professionally analyze markets, properties and investment opportunities in addition to gaining additional confidence to act on these opportunities. After completing the program I have the confidence, skill and abilities to take my career to the next level, including doing much larger deals.- Brian McDonald, MSRECM, Rock Canyon Real Estate


See how students from the Burns School collaborated with David Weekley Homes in the 2015 Playhouse project to benefit one of our veterans:

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