MS Marketing

Six tracks to one brilliant career in marketing.

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Whether you see yourself crafting brand strategy, delving deep into the nuances of consumer behavior, becoming a VP of sales or a member of the media, the Daniels MS in marketing can give you the specific skills you need. Set in Denver, Colorado, an MS in marketing can take you anywhere in the world of business.

Choose one of our five tracks and learn from today’s marketing pioneers, researchers, influencers and practitioners who bring far-reaching experience into the classroom.

Choose from six integrated courses of study:

  • Integrated Marketing Communication: The strategic skills you need to implement consistent messaging across all touch points. Daniels is one of the few business colleges in the U.S. to have an Integrated Marketing Communication track housed in a business college.
  • Customer Experience Marketing: The tools you need to understand how customers view business.
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy: Marketing from a big-picture perspective, including study of broad-based research, planning and management.
  • Supply-Chain Management: The strategy and tactics behind providing products on time, every time, with less cost, greater service and a shorter cash-to-cash cycle time.
  • Digital Marketing: Gain the knowledge and skills to plan and implement a digital marketing strategy, create and manage digital marketing campaigns, and select and use the most effective tools and technologies to achieve the business’ objectives.
  • Customize Your Own Track: You can also create a customized concentration with the guidance and approval of the department chair.

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