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The Daniels College of Business in Denver, Colorado, is one of the few colleges of business to offer such a wide variety of specialized master’s degrees. Daniels brings these disciplines, and others, together to teach a holistic view of how the functional areas interact with business. Alumni tell us that this emphasis on business relevance sets them apart in the workforce.

Explore our master’s degrees in the following fields:


The School of Accountancy offers the Master of Accountancy degree program—providing rigorous training in both accounting fundamentals and the latest practices and technologies.

Time FrameStart DatesGMAT/GRECredit HoursTuitionSpecialty Tracks
9-36 months, full or part-time September, March Requirement varies. Not needed for those who majored in accounting at an AACSB school with a high GPA. 40-68 $1,258 per credit hour Specialty tracks available in assurance, valuation, taxation or IT.


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Business Analytics

The Master of Science in Business Analytics offers real-world, client-based learning allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge in business and critical thinking.

Time FrameStart DatesGMAT/GRECredit HoursTuitionNotes
12-36 months, full or part-time September, March Required 58 $1,258 per credit hour Qualifies as a STEM degree by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 


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Master of Science in Applied Quantitative Finance

Combine the in-depth study of finance theories and principles with advanced technologies, communication, teamwork and strong ethics and values with a Master of Science in Applied Quantitative Finance.

Time FrameStart DatesGMAT/GRECredit HoursTuitionNotes
15-24 months, full or part-time September, March Required 45-57$1,258 per credit hour Qualifies as a STEM degree by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Students have the opportunity to manage part of the University endowments in our Marsico Investment Fund class.


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Master of Science in Management

At Daniels we understand not everyone shares our passion for business education. However, we also understand that it is difficult to get ahead in any career without an understanding of business fundamentals and management skills. The Daniels Master of Science in Management (MSM) is designed to teach students the skills needed to succeed in their field of choice, even if that passion lies outside the world of business.

Time FrameStart DatesGMAT/GRECredit HoursTuitionNotes
10 months, full-time SeptemberRequired 45$45,000
Enjoy a cohort of classmates from various careers, backgrounds and fields of study to learn management skills, ethical leadership, effective communications, and of course, business fundamentals.


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Master of Science in Marketing

The Department of Marketing brings you a degree that combines the in-depth study of marketing, practices and principles with values-based leadership and ethical decision making.

Time FrameStart DatesGMAT/GRECredit HoursTuitionNotes
15-36 months, full or part-time September, March Required 45-47$1,258 per credit hour Select from two concentrations:Digital Marketing or Brand Management.


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Real Estate and the Built Environment

Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment

We take a holistic approach to the business of the built environment—providing a 360-degree view of the project life cycle.

Time FrameStart DatesGMAT/GRECredit HoursTuitionNotes
12+ months, full or part-time September, March Required 48 $1,258 per credit hour Choose from concentrations in property development real estate or integrated project delivery.


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Executive Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment

A flexible, online degree program designed for working professionals with at least seven years of relevant work experience who want to progress in their corporate or entrepreneurial careers in real estate, property development or integrated project delivery.

Time FrameStart DatesGMAT/GRECredit HoursTuitionNotes
18-24 months, online and at your own pace September, March Typically waived 48 $1,258 per credit hour One intensive three-day course held in Denver is required in addition to your online studies.


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