Managing Exports with Professor Roy Becker

March 28, 2013 |


My name is Margrete Waade and I am a currently enrolled in the International MBA program at the Daniels College of Business, at the University of Denver. Thinking back on my last year here there is one class in particular that stands out to me, Managing Exports with Professor Roy Becker.

The reason this class was so special was due to Roy’s personality and his unique perspective. He took a humble approach; according to him, although he had taught this course for years, he was no expert on all of the subjects we would be covering, so he invited guest speakers, each a specialist within his or her field, to share with us their knowledge. In addition to speaking to subjects within the course, they shared with us what their day-to-day lives looked like. Hearing how working within exports really might be, made it easy for us as students to understand how we might fit into a profession like that of the guest speaker. Considering we are constantly trying to figure out what is awaiting us beyond the horizon of graduate school, these guest speakers shared their most valuable asset; their insight.

pioneerblog-roybecker2Roy also arranged for the class to work with five companies that were considering exporting their products or services abroad. This was a large consulting project that we did in groups of four to five students. We were able to evaluate what countries might be a good fit based on the curriculum that we had been taught in previous classes, but it also gave us the chance to test out our newfound knowledge of managing exports. It was quite a challenge assessing the success of our company’s offerings in markets that were foreign to us. Still, analyzing the culture, sovereign risk, foreign exchange trends, and the ease of doing business, among several other aspects helped us gauge the likelihood that the company would succeed in the potential market. For the companies we worked with this collaboration was a great way for them to get some outside expertise. For the students it was a great hands-on experience; showing us how to consult with a company, being on a deadline and giving us a real-world experience that we could connect with the curriculum as we were soaking it in.

Learn more about Roy Becker here.

4 Responses to “Managing Exports with Professor Roy Becker”

  1. siddhi

    Hi,I am from India and will be attending MS in finance program at the Daniels this fall.I am super excited to be a part of Daniel’s community soon.I have read and heard about the University’s spirit of making leaders that can make an impact on the world.I too just want to do that.

    • katelin.morris

      We’re so excited to have you here this fall! Daniels loves helping our leaders make a difference in the world and we can’t wait to see you do the same!

  2. Mac Jaehnert

    Agreed! I absolutely loved taking Managing Exports with Roy. Terrific course, and a great learning experience all around.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Mac for commenting. We hear great things about Roy and other Daniels classes, always feel free to share your experiences with us. On another note, we appreciate all your activity with us on all our social media platforms. We really do enjoy it!


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