Refer a Student to the Daniels College of Business

The power of word of mouth.

It should come as no surprise that many students found out about the Daniels College of Business through a friend, a co-worker or an alum. When people are a part of something great they talk about it. If you know a prospective student, we’d like to talk to them. We want to build the Daniels community with more people like you. Refer a student today.

Your part is easy.

First: Please fill out the form
Include your contact information and the prospective student’s name, email, phone and address.

Second: Let them know 
Tell the person you are referring that you think they’d be a great addition to Daniels and that a Daniels Program Manager will be contacting them.

We’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll help your candidate find the right program and fast-track their application for spring or fall enrollment.

There is no need to refer prospective students that have already applied or inquired to Daniels College of Business.

Refer a Student

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For more information contact Victoria Chen, Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment, at 303.871.3826.