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The support from our recruiters and corporate partners is an incredible asset to Daniels’ Career Services. We thank you for choosing to recruit with the Daniels College of Business. Our office is eager to extend our hospitality and customer service to enhance your efforts to recruit and hire future employees. We pride ourselves in providing the kind of personalized service that ensures you will have an efficient, comfortable and productive experience.

In addition to the traditional on-campus recruiting program, there are many opportunities to brand your organization at Daniels throughout the year. The consistent message from our students and alumni with regards to your presence on campus is one of extreme gratitude.

Our role in your success:

  • Provide a one-stop-shop for all your hiring needs and help brand your organization on campus.
  • Customize your on-campus recruiting program to save time and energy.
  • Serve as your point-of-contact for university employer relations activities.
  • Provide consultation regarding the student population within Daniels, starting salaries and internship program development.

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Recruit at Daniels

Simply put, Daniels students hit the ground running.

In a world where business moves at warp speed, technology evolves overnight and a single idea can change an industry, companies can no longer afford to hire an employee and hope for the best. Daniels students are high-achieving, field-tested professionals who have sharpened their abilities to reason, evaluate and adapt.

There are a number of ways to recruit the sought-after talent from Daniels:

  • Career Connections Week is a weeklong recruiting event designed for recruiters and students to connect. Recruiters have the opportunity to actively recruit students, share professional experiences and provide expertise on relevant job search topics.
  • Career Events and Fairs  that allow you to quickly introduce yourself to students. 
  • Daniels Career Café where you can sponsor a morning coffee gathering to promote your company to students, staff and faculty. 
  • Company Information Sessions and Meet & Greets let you introduce students to your company, the corporate culture and the type of jobs you typically recruit. 
  • On-Campus Interviews are an excellent way for your organization to sit down with Daniels students to learn more about the diverse talent they possess.


Employment Report Statistics

Graduates of Daniels undergraduate and graduate programs are recruited by a wide range of international, national and regional organizations at competitive salaries commensurate with their years of education and work experience.


Post a Job or Internship

Find the quality applicants you are looking for.

Manage your company needs online, post a job or provide information about career workshops and events.

Job Posting Requirements

The following information is required to post a job or internship:

  • Job description, including a company profile.
  • Contact information, including name, email, street address, telephone number and fax number.
  • Required application materials requested (résumé, cover letter, transcript, references, etc.).
  • Specific candidate criteria (e.g. GPA, class year, etc.).
  • Application deadline.
  • Delivery method for application materials.

To post an opportunity, please login to your HireDaniels account.



Brand Your Company

Build your brand on campus.

It is vital to put your company in front of students. Promoting your organization to Daniels students and faculty will generate greater awareness and interest in the careers your organization offers. There are a number of ways to promote your company:

  • Professional Forums: Participate in workshops, panel discussions and one-on-one coaching sessions with students.
  • Site Visits: Invite students to take a firsthand look at your company look at your company by participating in City Treks and Rocky Mountain Treks.
  • Student Organizations: Create, sponsor or attend student events.
  • Sponsor Daniels Events and Activities: Daniels events and activities attract alumni, students, faculty, staff, community partners and media outlets.

Professional Forums

Gain access to motivated students by participating in Daniels’ Professional Forums where you can take part in group workshops, participate in panel discussions or get involved with one-on-one coaching to share your perspective on résumés, offer interview tips and more.

Site Visits

Experiencing your company firsthand is the best way to create buzz among Daniels students about your company’s culture, structure and operation. Site visits include company tours, career shadowing and CityTreks.

  • Externships: Allow students to spend a few hours or an entire day with someone in your organization. This is an ideal way for students to gain a better understanding of your industry and your company’s role in it.
  • Rocky Mountain Treks: Create interest and top-of-mind awareness among students by inviting them to a company tour including a question and answer session with your management team.
  • City Treks: A road trip with a twist, City Treks allows students to visit company locations around the country where they can meet with recruiters and begin building their network.

Student Organizations

There is no better way to demonstrate your interest in the students at Daniels than to have your company participate in their organizations and events. In addition to expressing interest in who they are and what they are doing, it’s a great way to promote your business and create brand awareness. Students at Daniels do more than absorb business, they engage in it. Student organizations run across a variety of disciplines and interests, going well beyond the curricular areas of interest. Connect with students and alumni through meetings, events and workshops hosted by their organizations.

Contact Patrick Orr at 303.871.3321 to learn more.

Sponsor Daniels Events and Activities

Several key sponsorship opportunities are available year round. Given the scope of business issues tackled and events hosted at Daniels, the opportunities for sponsorship are extensive.

If there is a particular topic or event your corporation is interested in supporting, contact us to discuss it further. We would love to match your interests to our extensive sponsorship opportunities.


Recruiting Policies

Employer Offers

Daniels Career Services requires all recruiters to provide sufficient time for students to evaluate the employment opportunities offered to them, allowing them to make a thoughtful and educated decision. This time requirement creates a positive experience for candidates and employers and ultimately reduces renege and attrition rates.

Daniels Career Services Job Offer Standards

Daniels students are held to the highest ethical and professional standards, and we expect both students and potential employers to adhere to these standards during the job-search process. As such, we ask employers to:

  • Give students a written notification of the major elements of a job offer to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Avoid recruiting a student who has previously accepted an offer from another organization, as this may damage relationships with students, other recruiters and Daniels.
  • Retract an offer for any reason without contacting our office first. In turn, we expect students to notify companies of their decision as soon as possible to minimize disruption to your business.
  • Alert us of student concerns about an employment decision. A student reneging on a job acceptance is a serious issue. If a student expresses concern with his or her employment decision, please let us know.

Salary Guidelines

For salary guidance, please refer to the Recruiter’s Guide for salary information and averages reflective of Daniels’ undergraduate and graduate programs.


Hiring Diversity

Hiring International Students

International students make up approximately 23 percent of the Daniels student demographic. These students offer valuable experiences and perspectives to companies operating in today’s global economy. Most international students are in the U.S. on non-immigrant student visas (F-1 and J-1), making them eligible to accept employment under certain conditions.

  • F-1 students are eligible to work up to 12 months on optional practical training.
  • J-1 students are eligible to work up to 18 months on academic training.
  • F-1 and J-1 paperwork is handled by the students, the College and Citizenship & Immigration Services.
  • Companies can save money by hiring international students because the majority of them are exempt from Social Security (FICA) and Medicare tax requirements.
  • Employers can hire international students for a total of six years (two three-year periods) under the H-1B visa category.

Learn more about hiring international students by reviewing the Guide to Hiring International Students.

Post-Graduate Internship Program

This program offers allows companies to hire a full-time intern after a student has completed their degree program. Organizations can hire graduating undergraduate and graduate students or recent alumni from the Daniels College of Business. The duration of this internship can be a minimum of three months but will not exceed one year, depending on the need of the hiring organization. These are PAID opportunities and NO course credit will be given.

The program is open to all students and there are no hiring restrictions for any student in this program. Students and alumni completing this program are aware that the main purpose of this program is to gain practical experience in fields of interest and that there is no guarantee of a full-time position at the time of completion. Participants in this program are primarily international students who are looking to gain experience in American business culture—which in turn enhances diversity in the organization. Students and recent alums are typically assigned projects that would be assigned to an entry-level employee.

Post-graduate opportunities include positions in financial services, accounting, marketing and positions in the high tech industry. For more information on setting up for Post-Graduate Internship Program, contact the Employer Relations Team.


Become a Mentor

All great leaders have mentors.

Having a mentor is an excellent way to learn the ropes of any company or industry and a prime source for continued networking and success. Daniels Career Services offers two exciting and effective mentoring programs to help graduate students develop their professional network.

With a focus on creating leaders equipped to thrive within the complexities of business, Daniels encourages students and executives to participate in our mentoring programs. There are two ways to be involved as a mentor:

  • Executive Mentor Program: Non-Daniels alumni in senior management positions are invited to share expertise with Daniels graduate students.
  • Daniels Pioneer Network: The Daniels Pioneer Network is made up of alumni, faculty, staff, current students, corporate partners and friends of Daniels from around the world. Members value ethical business practices, inclusive excellence and a global business perspective.

Executive Mentor Program

The Executive Mentor Program runs yearly from September through May. Designed to give students access to high-level executives, both virtually and locally, this program is used to explore career paths and industries, as well as gain firsthand insight into how corporate strategy is executed. Students attend a mandatory orientation and commit to the nine-month time frame. They then review mentor biographies to find the executive that most accurately fits their interests and goals. Finally, students select their mentor through an online bidding process.

Once matched, students and mentors are notified through email from Daniels Career Services. Each group designates a team leader to guide them through the program. Prior to the first meeting, student groups establish goals and create a plan for the mentoring program. Students typically meet with their mentor between six to eight times per year.

View the Executive Mentor Program brochure.

Daniels Pioneer Network

Daniels hosts events that foster alumni socializing, networking and professional & personal development. Join us to harness the power of the Daniels Pioneer Network—alumni, faculty, staff, corporate partners and friends of Daniels.

Pioneer-driven businesses go beyond driving innovation and economic growth. They embody the essence of a Daniels Pioneer and strive to make a difference in their communities and look to exemplify the meaning of a Daniels Pioneer with a dedication to a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future.


Sponsor City Treks

What is City Treks?

City Treks is a unique opportunity for high quality employers and top professionals in cities across the U.S. to connect with top Daniels undergraduate and graduate business students. Each December, the Daniels Employer Relations Team leads groups of students to prominent organization in select cities including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Chicago with more to be added for future treks.

Introducing Rocky Mountain Treks

The Rocky Mountain Treks program provides opportunities for students to visit and network with Front Range companies during day trips. Cities and companies will be added throughout the year.

Employer Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Provide funding for student participation
  • Host student visits throughout the trips
  • Host or attend alumni networking events in trek cities

Employer Benefits

  • Meet and network with top business students from Daniels
  • Market your company’s mission, values and company culture
  • Build or expand brand awareness of your organization through firsthand experience of the attendees
  • Utilize a passive recruiting tool with a captive audience interested in internships and full-time positions

Companies Visited on Previous Treks

Google, LinkedIn, Walgreens, Visa, Accenture, the National Hockey League, Nickelodeon, MediaVest, RBC Capital Markets, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Pacific Gas and Electric, the New York Times, National CineMedia, Microsoft and Gates Foundation

2017 Dates and Cities

  • March 21–22: Bay Area (San Francisco & San Jose)


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