Professional-level career opportunities and coaching.

The Daniels Professional MBA is a degree that transforms careers and expands opportunities. You emerge with in-depth knowledge of best business practices and a strong network of student colleagues, faculty members and alumni. PMBA graduates pursuing new opportunities often find them through this extensive network.

We’re committed to your lifelong success.

At Daniels, our goal is to provide career and executive coaching services to PMBA students to put them on the path towards achieving their desired career goals. Additionally, we intend to give current students the skills and confidence to make conscious decisions maximizing their work-life balance.

Career Services Provided

  • Résumé and cover letter preparation
  • LinkedIn profile preparation
  • Engagement and Stay Interviews
  • Personal/Company value alignment
  • Feedback on completed assessments
  • Career/Life Matrix
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Networking Skills
  • Networking Leads Groups

At Daniels, we understand you’re not just looking for a good job; you want a rewarding career. Daniels Career Services provides you with resources, programs and support to help you refine your career goals and stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

Alumni Profiles

Mark Ballenger, Professional MBA, Cohort 2 | Founder, Ballenger Asset Management
Mark Ballenger, Professional MBA, Cohort 2 | Founder, Ballenger Asset Management

“I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit,” says Mark Ballenger, PMBA Cohort 2. After a 12-year career as a financial advisor in fall 2009, Ballenger did something he’d wanted to do for years. He hung out his own shingle, launching Ballenger Asset Management.

One year earlier, Ballenger had made another bold move—he started the PMBA program at Daniels. “DU and Daniels have a great reputation and I liked the investment curriculum” says Ballenger. At Daniels, Ballenger learned lessons that extend beyond the classroom. His participation in the 2010 Race & Case and the Colorado Investment Research Challenge helped him grow as a business owner, financial executive and person. “I came to Daniels wanting a portfolio management education, but I’ve also learned about how to communicate with different personality types, how to bring out different people’s strengths and a lot about myself.”

Pete Crowe, Professional MBA, 2010 | Manager of Investor Relations, Newmont Mining
Pete Crowe, Professional MBA, 2010 | Manager of Investor Relations, Newmont Mining

Pete Crowe came to Denver not long after graduating from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in 2001. His seven-year career had evolved from software programming to project management, but Crowe was interested in taking a new path.

“I wanted to make the jump from IT to finance, so I positioned myself for a move into the planning function or investor relations,” says Crowe, who has worked at Newmont Mining since 2006. “I felt earning an MBA was the best way to do that. I wanted to continue working full time but still experience the cohort atmosphere. The Daniels PMBA was a perfect fit.”

Halfway through his program, Pete was offered an opportunity as Newmont’s manager of investor relations. “My MBA was in process and people at Newmont paid attention,” he says. “I wouldn’t have been able to sell myself without that. Plus, the Institute for Leadership and Organizational Performance Management helped me present myself and communicate my skills and goals intelligently so I could make that transition. The resources that help you further your career are another big benefit of Daniels.”

Cole Hamilton, Professional MBA, Cohort 3 | Product Manager, Cochlear
Cole Hamilton, Professional MBA, Cohort 3 | Product Manager, Cochlear

Seven years after graduating from Colorado State University with his bachelor’s in business, Cole Hamilton admits he started to miss school. “I missed the learning environment, and I was also at a point in my career where I wanted to offer fresh ideas to my company,” says Hamilton, a product manager for Cochlear, the world leader in hearing solutions. “I felt the Daniels MBA would help me present ideas in ways they’d be heard. Long-term, I want to be an effective and respected leader that inspires those around me.”

Specifically, Hamilton wants to encourage Cochlear to be a more sustainable company—and he’s learning best approaches to doing so at Daniels. In 2010, he became a CleanTech Open sustainability mentor, advising entrepreneurs who are addressing clean technology challenges. “Daniels has ingrained sustainable business into every class. The learning is very real world. That’s what I wanted when I came here—to be able to integrate what I learn in class into my job.”

Sarah Verno, BS, 2008, Professional MBA, 2011 | Project Engineer, Lockheed Martin
Sarah Verno, BS, 2008, Professional MBA, 2011 | Project Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Sarah Verno was born and raised in Colorado, and was aware of the University of Denver long before the time came to apply to colleges. “I grew up in a community where DU was a well-known and respected university,” says Verno. “In high school, I knew I was interested in business, so it made a lot of sense to choose DU because of the Daniels reputation. I knew what the College stood for.”

After graduating in 2009, Verno decided to continue her education while working as a contracts negotiator at Lockheed Martin, where she had interned during school. “I wanted a well-rounded program that would give me the skill set to do my job better and make myself more competitive,” Verno says. As she neared graduation from the PMBA program—and after three years in Lockheed’s contracts department—the company created a project engineering position for Verno, in which she manages the budgets, schedules, risks and scope of various projects at Lockheed. 

Jason Gritters, Professional MBA | Lockheed Martin
Jason Gritters, Professional MBA | Lockheed Martin

Growing up, Jason Gritters became interested in business through hearing his father—a box salesman—talk about his work at the dinner table each night. “I became intrigued by enterprise and how business brings people together,” says Gritters. “That’s something I appreciate about Daniels now. We learn that business isn’t just about profit.”

At Colorado State University, Gritters learned about the Lockheed Martin Financial Leadership Development Program from a friend who had joined it the year before him. In 2009, Gritters graduated and started the “fast-track” three-year rotational program, which offered another intriguing benefit: the opportunity to earn an MBA. “I chose Daniels because I wanted the best in the region,” says Gritters. “Classes like Essence of Enterprise and the Leading at the Edge weekend are great differentiators.”

Kristal Griffith, Professional MBA, 2010 | Public Affairs Specialist and Video Production Coordinator, University of Denver
Kristal Griffith, Professional MBA, 2010 | Public Affairs Specialist and Video Production Coordinator, University of Denver

After a 12-year career in television news, Kristal Griffith made a change. In 2007, she took a job in media relations at the University of Denver as a public affairs specialist and video production coordinator. She also decided the time was right to go back to school. “A huge benefit of working at DU is the opportunity to continue your education,” says Griffith. “I wanted a degree that would be marketable and versatile in the long term. Daniels has an excellent reputation. What I liked about the Professional MBA cohort structure was that I could go through the program with the same group of professionals and learn from their experiences and examples.”

Today, Griffith hopes that the combination of her journalism background and MBA will make her a great candidate for future management positions. “I love what I do—writing, public relations, video production—and I now have skills that have prepared me to take on more senior responsibilities,” she says. “At Daniels, I made great connections with professors and Denver professionals, and I know those will pay off.”

Chaun Powell, Professional MBA, 2010 | Emerge Medical
Chaun Powell, Professional MBA, 2010 | Emerge Medical

Just months after completing his Professional MBA, Chaun Powell joined former colleague John Marotta (Executive MBA, 2010) at his recently founded company, Emerge Medical, which provides low-cost orthopedic-surgical devices.

“We recognized what was going on in the industry,” Powell says. “It is important to us that health care is something the average American can afford.” Since its inception, the company has grown tremendously and today, its orthopedic products are contracted in more than 500 hospitals and surgery centers around the country.  “I give Daniels credit for helping me recognize that there is much more to business than the bottom dollar. The human-capital side of what we do makes me proud to be a part of this company.”

Maureen Boss, Professional MBA, Cohort 2 | Janus Capital
Maureen Boss, Professional MBA, Cohort 2 | Janus Capital

At Bucknell University, Maureen Boss had an interest in business, but instead chose two majors that fueled her passion for learning: anthropology and economics. After she started her career with Janus’s fund services area in September 2007, it didn’t take long for Boss to consider an MBA. “I want to make myself valuable at Janus and strengthen my career possibilities,” she says. A native of the Boston area, Boss hadn’t heard of Daniels before moving west, but once she started looking at schools, Daniels was the obvious choice. “Daniels had the reputation I sought, and I wanted to keep working for Janus while in school. Those two things were big standouts for the PMBA program.”

Eventually, Boss hopes to leverage her MBA education to move into marketing at Janus. “I’m very proud to say I’m getting a Daniels MBA and the College has definitely lived up to its reputation,” she says. “I’m gaining a much more in-depth understanding of business that I apply at work every day. I know my degree will help me in the future.”

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