Graduate Student Groups

Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA)

The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) enhances the educational experience at Daniels and creates a cohesive student body through educational, social, community and cultural activities. As an organization, the GBSA encourages student involvement in the creation and planning of events throughout the year. The GBSA also acts as the parent organization to all graduate student groups at the Daniels College of Business.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an international organization, which recognizes scholastic excellence in accounting, finance and information technology. Many of the organization’s programs serve the community, facilitate social interaction among professionals and prepare students to embark upon their chosen career. Open to undergraduates.

Contact: Ryan Stine, President,

Daniels Consulting Firm (DCF)

The Daniels Consulting Firm (DCF) is a student-created, student-led consulting firm that draws talent from all Daniels College of Business disciplines. DCF consultants are trained in the core strengths of Daniels College of Business: ethics in business, sustainable development, internationalization and entrepreneurship. Student Consultants are selected through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure only the most competent, professional and committed students are placed on consulting projects. DCF requires exceptional work standards from our student consultants. DCF skill sets include technical financial expertise to achieve profitability, strategies to strengthen core business operations, risk management, business intelligence, real estate development, market research, and marketing strategy and implementation. DCF guarantees clients fresh ideas, technical skill sets, ethical practice and professionalism.

Daniels Graduate Women in Business (DGWiB)

Daniels Graduate Women in Business (DGWiB) provides a values-based network of women who advocate personal growth, leadership development and future opportunities in the business community. DGWiB is dedicated to helping members understand how to navigate corporate culture, build effective communication strategies and develop a strong personal foundation. This is done through a variety of events including networking, community involvement and round-tables with female professionals from the area. The core focus of DGWiB is to provide a comfortable setting in both the academic and social arenas in which connections will develop and grow.

DU Marketing Association (DUMA)

The University of Denver Marketing Association (DUMA) seeks to place Daniels graduate students in the best marketing jobs locally, regionally and nationally while increasing the presence of DU in the minds of all firms—resulting in greater recruitment activity at DU for marketing jobs.

Entrepreneurs In Action (EIA)

The mission of Entrepreneurs In Action (EIA) is to promote entrepreneurship at the University of Denver through alumni engagement, community involvement and hands-on learning opportunities by implementing a strategy to enhance entrepreneurial efforts at Daniels College of Business. EIA is uniquely positioned to play an important role in the coordinated efforts to execute strategy. As a focal point for experiential learning, EIA will be a mechanism through which students can engage with Daniels in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Graduate Student Associate Council (GSAC)

The Graduate Student Association Council (GSAC) is just that—a council of all the Graduate Student Associations (GSAs) at the University of Denver. GSAC has two goals at the University: to foster a sense of community among the graduate students; and to represent that community and its interests at DU.

International Business Association (IBA)

The International Business Association (IBA) is a graduate business student organization at Daniels College of Business that is focused on expanding the global mindset of the Daniels student body. IBA realizes that working with people around the world is something that everyone will face in their careers, no matter their area of study. IBA strives to open your eyes to the opportunities that arise when you think from a global, not regional, perspective.

Investment Banking & Capital Markets Club (IBCM)

The Investment Banking & Capital Markets Club (IBCM) seeks to accomplish its vision of developing an Investment Banking infrastructure by educating its members in the field of investment banking. IBCM helps develops its members’ financial skill sets and interviewing techniques, and strives to place its members at leading financial institutions. IBCM has based the entire club around these three pillars and will continually strive to uphold and institute them wherever possible.

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Health Care Club (HCC)

The vision of the Health Care Club (HCC) is to enhance the quality and experience of Daniels Graduate Students by providing them with opportunities to become more involved with healthcare professionals and related activities. HCC will serve as a conduit between DU graduate students and the healthcare industry.

Net Impact (NI)

Net Impact (NI) is an international organization whose mission is to change the world through business as a platform for creating positive social, environmental and financial impact. The Daniels Chapter of Net Impact is comprised of graduate business students who seek to provide opportunities to link the theories of the Daniels Compass to practical, real-world applications. NI prepares members for careers that will make a difference.

Real Estate and Construction Management Network (RECM)

The RECM Network was organized to enhance relationships between DU RECM/REBE students and Denver’s professional real estate and construction community. Membership in the RECM Network is open to all Daniels students. The club provides opportunities outside the classroom that allow students to bridge the gap between the academic and real estate and construction communities. This is done by facilitating various networking and mentorship opportunities, providing opportunities for students to develop relationships with industry professionals, while creating experiences for students to gain first-hand knowledge of the real estate and construction professions.

Contact: Matt Vernon, President,