What You Should Know About the Full-Time MBA Program

At the University of Denver, we provide one of the most prestigious full-time MBA programs in the country. Through the Daniels College of Business, you can enroll in the full-time program if you are able to give the time commitment to classes that mostly take place during the day. Because you will be a full-time student, you can complete the program in about 21 months. Below are the requirements and information about entering this program.

Invest in Your Future

Many students who complete their undergraduate studies and participate in the workforce for a few years will often contemplate whether they should continue with a Master’s degree. Pursuing an MBA in Colorado can be a huge benefit for your future. Our program is ranked number two in the world for small Masters of Business programs. We are recognized for providing an education that will open doors of opportunity for more rewarding careers and social and environmental experience. The University of Denver encourages you to pursue a Master’s in Business if you are interested in improving your quality of life.

Choosing Full-Time Status

The Full-Time program appeals to those professionals who are interested in attaining the most complete Master’s degree in the shortest amount of time possible. You have to be able to commit to a full-time student status to take classes during the day. To qualify for this MBA program, we ask that you have at least three years of work experience as this will help you to get the most benefit out of the program.

Getting Started

If you are interested in the full-time MBA program, be aware that we start classes for new enrollees only twice a year: once in March and once in September. Before you apply, make sure you have met the requirements for work experience by the time classes will start. For March enrollment, you must apply by December first of the previous year, and for September entry, you must submit your application by February first. Contact our administration if you have specific circumstances to address or you have questions about financial assistance.