An alumni network you can count on.

You’ll find alumni from Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management at Daniels College of Business in virtually every major hospitality organization around the world.

Alumni ties to the school remain strong. They return to the school to recruit employees, partner with former classmates and attend alumni receptions at national hotel and restaurant conferences and more.

Notable Knoebel alumni include:

      • G. Steele Platte—Founder, Yard House Restaurants (California)
      • Peter Morton—Founder, Hard Rock Cafe (California)
      • Herb Tobin—CEO, Tobin Properties (Florida)
      • Corey Nyman—Director, Nyman Group (Nevada)
      • Tom Ricca—CEO, Ricca Design Studios (Denver)
      • Aileen Reilly—Proprietor, beast + bottle & Coperta (Denver)
      • Leigh Hitz—CEO, Stout Street Hospitality (Denver)
      • Victor Chigas—CEO, Access Financial Group (Chicago)
      • David Flom —Founder, Chicago Cut Steakhouse (Chicago)
      • Tim Benolken —Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, Hilton Worldwide (Chicago)
      • Wally Ganzi —Co-Chairman, Palm Restaurant (DC)
      • Al and Tori Belsky—Owners, New York Deli News (Denver)
      • Bob Hartzell—President and CEO, Chuck & Don’s Food (Minnesota)
      • John Montano—General Manager, Mayflower Hotel (DC)
      • David Wizenberg—Principal, Passion Food Hospitality (DC)
      • Mark Conklin—General Manager, Marriott (Hong Kong)
      • Jeff Hopmayer—Partner, Brindiamo Group (Nashville)
      • Dawn Strang—Owner, Don’s Lighthouse Grille (Ohio)
      • Chuck Rolecek—Owner, CR Sparks Restaurant & Bar (New Hampshire)
      • Peter Meyer—Managing Director, Host Hotels & Resorts (Singapore)
      • Hermann Elger—Managing Director and COO, Baccarat Hotels (New York)
      • Jon Schlegel—Founder, Snooze (Denver)
      • Chef Doug Katz — Owner, Fire Food and Drink (Ohio)
      • Peter Wallenberg, Jr.—Chairman, W Capital Management (Sweden)