Help us build a foundation for the future.

The Franklin L. Burns School is the oldest program of its kind housed in a college of business: our roots are strong. As we contemplate our future, we continue to recognize the unique intersection between business and the build environment, and Burns is poised to take its integrated education approach to a new level. Today’s challenges and risks are multi-dimensional and companies are seeking graduates who know how to connect people, purpose and projects to deliver sustainable, comprehensive solutions. Students must be grounded in the full life cycle of the build environment if they are to be prepared to lead and succeed in a real estate industry that is forever changed. These goals cannot be achieved with a strong investment from our community.

Burns is proudly housed within Daniels College of Business which is ranked by U.S. News and World Report, Bloomberg BusinessweekFinancial Times and Beyond Grey Pinstripes as one of the top business schools in the world, Daniels has a well-deserved reputation for producing ethical, socially responsible, globally aware graduates who find unique solutions to difficult problems.

Both Daniels and the Burns School has lofty, but achievable goals. Because of its unique positioning, the Burns School relies on substantial financial support from alumni, friends, parents, corporations and other stakeholders—not only to ensure success for the short term, but to sustain excellence for our future students.

There are several ways to support the Burns School:

Support the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund supports all the added-value efforts of the Burns School as well as five general scholarship funds. Added Value programs include: Industry Information sessions, Alumni & Friends Networking Events, the annual Student Playhouse Project, Student competitions and bringing in Industry Experts to speak to students and share their unique viewpoints and knowledge of the industry. It also augments support and student inclusion to our Women in Leadership Boot Camp and all our Conferences, Forums and Industry meetings including the Executive Real Estate Roundtable. The five student scholarships supported are the General RECM Scholarships for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students, The Women of Enterprise (WE) Scholarship Fund, the Scholarship for Veterans and the Barbara J. Jackson Leadership Scholarship fund.

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The M. J. Crean Collaboratory

The M.J. Crean Collaboratory combines the notions of a collaborative, interdisciplinary working culture with a laboratory educational space. A space intentionally designed where students and alumni alike can experiment with ideas and innovations in a collaborative fashion. This engagement is at the heart of innovation. The Collaboratory is also a template for the classroom of the future where learning is not lecture but hands on, active and with instant feed-back from those in the industry—personal advisors for the students. Beyond mentoring, advisors can be called to give positive critique and support to student ideas, plans and projects. Innovative and entrepreneurial ideas from the students can receive the advantage of sage wisdom from the alumni and friends who participate as advisors to the M. J. Crean Collaboratory.