Burns School Scholarships

In addition to financial aid available through University of Denver and Daniels College of Business, the Burns School awards financial aid from a variety of Endowed and Annual Scholarship funds.

Scholarships are based on need and/or merit. You must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA on your last official transcript to qualify for merit. You must fill out a FASFA form with the DU Financial Aid Office to qualify for need. In addition to applying for internal financial aid from the School, there are several external industry-sponsored scholarships that become available to Burns students throughout the year.

External scholarship information will be posted in the Burns School Daily as it becomes available.

How to apply

Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate students must apply for Burns School scholarships directly through the DU Financial Aid Office.

Graduate or Executive Master Students

Fall or Spring start graduate students may apply here (deadline information available on scholarship application).

Note: Please read all “Application Guidelines” on the first page of the application and fill it out completely to be considered. Applications must be received by the required deadlines. Contact the Burns School for more information: 303.871.3432.

Endowed Scholarships

Alter-VanDerbur Endowed Scholarship

Budd Spratlen Graduate Endowed Scholarship

Budd Spratlen Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship

Burton C. Boothby Endowed Scholarship Fund»

Burton C. Boothby Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established in 2000, for students in the Real Estate and Construction Management program, this scholarship is designated to aid full-time graduate students. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic merit and demonstrated financial need.

Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors ® Scholarship Fund»

Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors ® Scholarship Fund

Established in 2002 to assist a graduate or undergraduate student who is focused on a career in the commercial real estate or construction management industry. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic merit or demonstrated financial need.

Donald Curtis Endowed Scholarship

Doyle Heaton Endowed Scholarship»

Doyle Heaton Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2006, this scholarship is awarded to full-time third- or fourth-year undergraduate or graduate students based on demonstrated financial need and academic merit. Preference is given to students interested in pursuing a career in residential homebuilding.

Edward and Diane Fronapfel Endowed Scholarship

George H. Gallup Endowed Scholarship

Kenneth Good Scholarship Fund»

Kenneth Good Scholarship Fund

Established in 1976, this scholarship fund annually awards approximately $1,000 for either graduate or undergraduate students. The award is based partly on need but primarily on character, determination and enthusiasm in real estate.

Lee and Virginia Evans Endowed Scholarship»

Lee and Virginia Evans Endowed Scholarship

Established by a former chair of the School and his wife, this award is given based on academic merit and demonstrated financial need to students with a GPA of 3.0 or better who will pursuing a career in homebuilding. Support is renewable as long as the recipient maintains the academic qualifications stated above and continues to demonstrate a valid financial need. The recipient must submit a new application to renew the scholarship.

Legend Retail Group Graduate Endowed Scholarship

Legend Retail Group Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship

Mark Lee Levine Endowed Scholarship»

Mark Lee Levine Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2008, by former student Mark Maykranz and named after the current director of the Burns School, this award is given to a full- or half-time student in the RECM program who demonstrates high financial need and carries a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. The student must be a sophomore or higher and must demonstrate an excellent work ethic and strong personal commitment to community service.

Mueller Family Real Estate Endowed Scholarship

Patricia Bybee Endowed Scholarship Endowed Scholarship

Patrick Hamill Endowed Scholarship

Phillip G. Hulse Endowed Scholarship

Richard Saunders Endowed Scholarship

Stephen Farnsworth Endowed Scholarship

Will Family Lacrosse Endowed Scholarshipfor RECM Students

Named Scholarships

Ben Bozeman Scholars Fund»

Ben Bozeman Scholars Fund

This fund provides financial support to full-time graduate or undergraduate students in the Legal Studies and/or the Franklin L. Burns School. Award of the fund is based on merit or demonstrated financial need.

Burns Society Scholarships»

Burns Society Scholarships

The Burns Society Scholarships are open to graduate or undergraduate students in the RECM program and are based on academic merit or need. Awards are usually in the $500—$1500 range and given at the discretion of the director of the School.

Donald Curtis Scholarship Fund»

Donald Curtis Scholarship Fund

Established in 2006, the purpose of this gift is to provide support to a student pursuing a master’s or MBA degree through the School. The student must be enrolled in a full-time degree program. Aid can be applied toward tuition, books or general University fees.

Franklin L. Burns School General Scholarship»

Franklin L. Burns School General Scholarship

This scholarship is open to undergraduates (juniors or seniors) and graduate-level students who demonstrate need or merit. These awards are usually from $500 to $2,000 and must be applied for each year. The General Scholarship is made possible through the support of the Burns Society and other donors.

Franklin L. Burns Undergraduate Scholarship

The Levine Foundation»

The Levine Foundation

Established to assist undergraduate or graduate students in the RECM program. This fund is awarded at the discretion of the director of the School and is based on academic merit, demonstrated financial need, or character and enthusiasm of the candidate.

National Association of Builders Scholarship»

National Association of Builders Scholarship

Funded by the NAHB and Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Denver, this scholarship is awarded to students preparing for careers in the homebuilding industry. It can also be used to defray the expense of sending a team from the School to the NAHB national convention for the purpose of entering the annual national scholastic competition.

Professional Builder Scholarship Fund»

Professional Builder Scholarship Fund

Established in 1996, this fund was set up to assist RECM undergraduates (junior or senior) and graduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in homebuilding. This award is based on need or merit as determined by the director of the School.

Residential Practicum Scholarship»

Residential Practicum Scholarship

Established by Pat Hamill, President of Oakwood Homes, LLC. This fund was set up to aid students focusing on residential construction management of the Franklin L. Burns School.

Women of Enterprise Scholarship Fund»

Women of Enterprise Scholarship Fund

Established in 2004 through proceeds raised from the Women of Enterprise Forum, this fund is supported by the men and women in commercial real estate and construction management, as well as related industries. It is awarded to an undergraduate (junior or senior) or graduate student who displays measurable need or outstanding merit combined with involvement in the community. This scholarship requires an interview process.