Business with a purpose.

The Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies offers an undergraduate minor in legal studies and a graduate-level concentration in values-based leadership. In addition, our courses are integrated into the core curriculum of all graduate and undergraduate degree programs at Daniels. They focus on the issues that can make or break a company: ethics, legal liability, corporate culture and sustainability.

Undergraduate Minor in Legal Studies

Companies and organizations need business graduates with knowledge of the legal, ethical, and regulatory climate for jobs in accounting, finance, management, marketing and environmental affairs. Combining your business major with a minor in legal studies can help you meet this requirement. Minor in Legal Studies degree plan.

MBA-Values-Based Leadership Concentration

From managing business volatility to creating an ethical corporate culture, the concentration in values-based leadership prepares you to manage and lead with integrity. Please see the MBA-Values-Based Leadership Concentration degree plan (see page 3).

In our courses, you will learn how to:

  • Create a corporate vision that encompasses the complex interplay of ethics, values, law, public policy and regulation.
  • Strategize effectively by taking into account the economic, political and cultural environments in which business operates.
  • Apply proven decision-making frameworks to resolve legal and ethical dilemmas.
  • Manage volatility effectively by adhering to corporate and personal values under the pressures of uncertainty, change and intense competition.
  • Avoid legal minefields like executive and board liability, securities fraud, sexual harassment, discrimination and product liability.
  • Maintain a corporate culture that builds trust among all stakeholders to maximize productivity and value to the community.
  • Develop a values-based compass for your career and your life, to bring them greater meaning and fulfillment.