Integrating Business and the Public Good

The Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies (BELS is the College’s interdisciplinary hub for research, teaching and community engagement at the intersection of business, law, ethics and public policy.

Through its acclaimed faculty, BELS is determined to drive the successful integration of business with the public good and empower other through impactful scholarship, passionate teaching and community engagement.

Developing Mindful Leaders

From start-ups to Blue Chips and entry-level to executive, authentic and sustainable success in today’s complex business environment requires a broad vision, deep expertise and precise focus.

For this reason, BELS develops leaders with the essential abilities to seize opportunity from innovation, secure value in the face of market forces, manage liability risk, navigate societal expectations and maintain ethical focus in the face of competing demands.

The Daniels MBA program has been recognized as one of the best in the world for integrating ethics into business education according to Beyond Grey Pinstripes, a ranking of business schools by The Aspen Institute. Daniels has also been recognized by Bloomberg’s Business Week as one of the “Top Undergraduate Business Schools for Ethics.”

Finding Solutions

Our research seeks to identify solutions to many of the most salient issues facing business and society. As such, the research and scholarship of our expert faculty covers areas of moral philosophy and applied ethics, corporate and white-collar crime, digital privacy, employment law, securities regulation, corporate governance, corporate political participation, business and human rights, the ethics and sustainability of development and entrepreneurial law.

Empowering Students

Our courses are designed to empower students with the knowledge, skills and analytical abilities they will need for enduring success:

  • Ethical, Legal, Political and Social Awareness
  • Critical and Strategic Thinking
  • Effective Decision-making
  • Transactional Competence
  • Communication Prowess

Engaging Our Community

BELS proudly leads some of the most innovative, timely and important co-curricular initiatives at Daniels , including:

  • The Ethics Boot Camp
  • The Legal Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurs
  • The Ethics Consortium Case Competition
  • The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Speaker Series
  • The Institute for Enterprise Ethics