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2015 DU Vin Festival Student Showcase

Back row: Celia Smith, Elise Lieberman, Stacy Moore (Instructor),  Patty Farmer (Instructor), Nick Sommers. Front row: Brittany Ryan, Hayley Zulkoski, Karen Yamasaki

Back row: Celia Smith, Elise Lieberman, Stacy Moore (Instructor),
Patty Farmer (Instructor), Nick Sommers.
Front row: Brittany Ryan, Hayley Zulkoski, Karen Yamasaki

Hands-on Learning Meets Annual Wine Festival

The Du Vin Festival is the product of a class of senior Hospitality Management students at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management at Daniels. These talented students plan, execute and coordinate all aspects of the festival. Using guidance from professionals in the food, wine and hospitality industry and their event management skills honed from previous classroom and work experience, the team showcases the valuable skills they have learned over the past four years at the Wine Pairing Dinner and Grand Tasting events.

Meet the 2015 Student Management Team

Celia Smith, co-Event Director and Director of Operations

Celia Smith is a senior hospitality student pursuing a career in event management. She enjoys traveling, skiing, crafts, and attending happy hours.

Nick Sommers, Director of Finance

Nick Sommers is a senior Hospitality Major with a lodging focus. Nick will be working at that Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch after graduation. He enjoys skiing, hiking, reading and getting caught in the rain.

Hayley Zulkoski, Director of Human Resources

Hayley Zulkoski is a senior Hospitality Major with a focus in Sales and Marketing. She aspires to continue in the catering/events industry after graduation. Hayley enjoys singing in choir, petting all the dogs in the world, and reading books with a nice glass of Chardonnay in hand.

Karen Yamasaki, Director of Sales, Marketing and Public Relations

Karen Yamasaki is a senior hospitality management major with a focus in food and beverage. She enjoys eating outrageous amounts of food, feeding her shopping addiction, figure skating, silently judging people, and being indoors.

Elise Lieberman, Director of Communications, Logistics, and Account Management

Elise Lieberman is a senior General Business major with minors in Business Ethics/ Legal Studies and Anthropology. After graduation Elise will be returning to work at Arrow Electronics for a second summer before beginning the Daniels College of Business MBA program in the fall. Elise enjoys yoga, nature, reading, good food, great wine and singing in the shower.  

Brittany Ryan, Co-Event Director and Director of Operations

Brittany Ryan is a senior majoring in hospitality management with a focus in sales and marketing and a minor in marketing. Brittany is working with Vail Resorts in the manager associate program after graduation. She enjoys snowboarding, hiking, camping and baking. Brittany also loves wine and her favorite is a good Malbec. 

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