Don’t Have a B.A. in Business? Don’t Worry!

February 17, 2012 |

My undergraduate degree was in communication (with a minor in leadership), so I was frightened at the prospect of taking accounting, statistics, and finance classes at Daniels.  At the beginning-of-the-year BBQ, I felt like an imposter among the business students, and was horrified that I would fail my classes.  I asked one of the Daniels Ambassadors who had earned his bachelor’s degree in communication whether he was surviving the quantitative classes in the MBA program.  He reassured me that I would be fine.

Another year and I'll be holding my MBA!

Another year and I’ll be holding my MBA!

Thanks to the supportive community at Daniels, I have not only survived all of my math classes so far, but have thrived in them.  My cohort has helped me tremendously; we study for tests together, do our homework and projects together, and compare our notes from class.  The professors are always willing to help, and are constantly encouraging us to come to office hours.  If we can’t make it to their office hours, they will come in at a different time to answer our questions.

Because I don’t have a quantitiative background, I do have to study more than some of my classmates–but with their help, I am understanding the concepts that we are covering, learning the skills that I need to leverage my communication degree into a business career, and overcoming my fears, one WACC calculation at a time.  As Pulitzer Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini once said, “Above all, don’t fear difficult moments.  The best comes from them.”

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