Invest in Our Programs.

Our programs are the core of the College. The Daniels experience prepares students with the skills to navigate the complex global business world with 14 separate degree programs and three areas of interdisciplinary collaboration—known as the Daniels Intersection. The Daniels Intersection is our unique collaborative convergence of ethics, innovation, entrepreneurship and globalization.

Invest in our programs to ensure the continuing excellence of the learning experience and our initiatives.


IMG_5975At Daniels, ethics is at the core of all that we do and the foundation for all that we teach. We believe that one can make a profit while making a difference, and that a quality business education should go deeper than just the functional business disciplines.

Priorities include:

  • Name the ethics and leadership curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Endow the Institute for Enterprise Ethics.
  • Join the Carl M. Williams Business Ethics Partnership.
  • Support our co-curricular ethics programs such as the Voices of Experience speaker series and the Race & Case ethics-based case competition.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Daniels is a socially responsible, enterprising and entrepreneurial community that works together to innovate in today’s business world as we tackle the big issues of the day. We need your help to launch our new entrepreneurship initiative. You can help when you:

  • Name the new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative focusing on new curriculum courses, an entrepreneurship minor, case competitions, a new venture challenge, social and technical entrepreneurship initiatives and a new focus on high-impact industries such as energy.


At Daniels, we take a bigger, bolder approach to business. Here, learning is not bound by classroom walls, or even continents. We’ve built a globalization strategy that positions the College and our graduates to excel on the international stage. And to compete on a global scale, we need your support. Funding priorities include:

  • Name the Globalization Initiative.
  • Support the new DU World Executive program.
  • Sponsor international experiences to enable 100-percent student participation in global programs.
  • Invest in partnerships with global universities, corporations, alumni and friends to expand learning, recruiting and hiring opportunities.
  • Support cross-cultural training for the Daniels community.