Who was Margery Reed?

Margery ReedMargery Reed, the accomplished daughter of Verner and Mary Reed, was “one whose life was always youth.” While she spoke German, French and Italian fluently, Margery had a love affair with the English language and wrote poetry, prose and powerful short stories filled with imagery and poetic phrasing.

However, her real love was being at the University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English in 1919, published two books and met her husband. As an eager young assistant professor in the English Department, Margery met and fell in love with fellow English professor Paul Mayo.

In 1924, the couple traveled to Peru where she became ill. Tragically, she died shortly after returning to the United States. To honor her daughter’s memory, Mary Reed donated $100,000 toward the $225,000 construction cost of a new building, which was dedicated to Margery Reed in 1929.