Invest in Our People.

Every Daniels graduate has a story about a favorite professor who made the difference between success and failure, an enterprising classmate who worked through the night on a final project or an international experience that challenged assumptions and ways of looking at the world. At Daniels, we celebrate these experiences. With your support, we can ensure Daniels continues to be synonymous with top scholars, premier thought leaders and globally focused change agents.

Attract and support talent.

Competition is fierce for top faculty and students who demonstrate the capacity to innovate and inspire each other and who possess the imagination and talent to become thought leaders in their respective disciplines. Recruiting and capitalizing on such talent requires strong financial resources and international visibility.

Student Recruiting

The University of Denver is investing $25 million to match undergraduate-endowed scholarship funds, and $10 million to match graduate-endowed scholarship funds—a significant investment that positions Daniels to compete against the top business schools to recruit the brightest students. Daniels is poised to leverage these additional scholarship funds to increase student diversity and ensure that we attract top candidates.

Faculty Recruiting

Along with University resources, we will add 14 faculty positions and establish new endowed and named faculty support. This includes:

  • Named directorships and chairs for academic schools.
  • Named chairs for each department.
  • Named professorships for each department and school.
  • Support for ongoing research and course development needs.
  • An Executive-in-Residence program to bring talented and innovative leaders to Daniels to teach and share best practices.

A Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Today’s business world is diverse, global and interconnected—and so is the Daniels College of Business. We go beyond diversity by creating an environment of inclusive excellence through thoughtful culture management and community-building activities. Inclusive excellence are not just buzzwords—they are business imperatives. Businesses that foster inclusiveness are poised for growth and success in today’s global marketplace. We seek to provide resources to connect and engage our community. Areas of focus include:

  • An Inclusive Excellence fund to support training, case competitions and outreach activities related to inclusive excellence.
  • An Alumni Activities fund to support alumni communications, professional development activities, city tours, career services, alumni awards and an alumni gala.
  • An Outstanding Professor Award—to be voted on by alumni. The professor would receive a one-time bonus and travel to speak with various Daniels alumni groups around the world.