Steven Musick

Steven Musick

Adjunct Faculty | Destiny Capital

Office of Entrepreneurship

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Biography at a Glance

Since 1977 Steve Musick has been in the profession of managing family wealth for generations. He is an author, speaker, lecturer, and a university professor on the subject of Entrepreneurial Leadership. The business Destiny Capital was started as a one person shop with an $8,000 investment and is now 10 workers. As of this writing Destiny Capital has fiduciary responsibility for $300,000,000 with roughly half of that under direct financial management. The current financial altitude of the business can be found on our website (we publish our financial statements each year electronically demonstrating integrity through transparency.) After two professional designations (CLU, ChfC) and three Masters Degrees MSM (management) 1995, MSFS (financial services) 2001, and MGS (international economics) 2006 he is still a permanent student. His learning now comes in the form of teaching at the University Of Denver Daniels College Of Business. “I learn as much from my students as they do from my teaching curriculum,” Musick said. Musick’s role with Destiny Capital is leading the strategic work teams representing clients, heading up the investment committee managing client capital, and caring for the exceptional staff assembled to serve clients.  When not in a business uniform Musick can be found strolling on a golf course, blasting a top spin forehand on the tennis courts, or wading quietly through a trout stream. Musick married his wife Elaine in 1978 and they have three sons Jarrod, Brett and Aaron.