Shadi Farhangrazi

Dr. Shadi Farhangrazi

Adjunct Professor

Department of Management |Daniels 535 |303.217.6326 | Download Photo

Biography at a Glance

Dr. Shadi Farhangrazi’s work on science, health, education, innovation and entrepreneurship has taken her over the last decade from backcountry remote trails of Rwanda, slums of Kenya and Mumbai, Research Parks in India and Malaysia, high tech companies in Silicon Valley, US and Europe to working with global companies and organizations like Boeing, Home Depot, USAID and meeting with international leaders. Farhangrazi is a biochemist, neuroscientist, infectious diseases expert, strategist, serial entrepreneur, professor, recognized international speaker and expert in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. She has written extensively and her scientific papers, articles, blogs, business and public education articles have been published widely. She is the President and Managing Partner of management consulting firm Biotrends International, founder and director of Biotrends Foundation for Education and Health and the founder of Niara Productions. Farhangrazi is also a faculty member at Daniels College of Businessm and University College at the University of Denver. She teaches classes on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and non-profit management.